Embodying the Codes

Ever been to one of those automatic car washes that move the car for you? You just put the front wheel on the plate, put it in neutral, and stay off the brake. That’s what life is doing right now. Our biggest job is to stay off the brake. Don’t try to steer, or stop, just enjoy the ride. We are integrating so many new codes, our bodies are pretty much maxed out just with that. Be gentle with yourself, and prioritize self-care.

While we are integrating and embodying, it gives us time to pause to reconsider our trajectory. Are you really heading where you want to go? Or are you escaping where you are? Are you running toward something with joy? Or are you running away from your current situation? This is an important distinction right now. Really think on this.

This is about the current Age of Aquarius (astrological Ages last a little over 2000 years). The last Age, of Pieces, was about the individual fitting into the social norm – think religion, marriage, gender roles – following orders to strengthen the whole through a united front. The Age of Aquarius strengthens the whole through individual diversity. We all use our individual unique gifts, in support of the collective. This requires each individual to find and share their true gifts.

For an example, let’s say you want to be a yoga teacher. What could be wrong with that? Well, if you love yoga, and you love teaching, then it’s probably a fantastic idea. If it just sounds like a better way to pay the bills than your office job, we aren’t there yet. Don’t get me wrong, stepping stones are great, I just want you to ponder what really lights you up inside. That’s where we’re going.

Ultimately, the current Age supports service to the whole. If money wasn’t a factor, what would you do? If your answer is some form of permanent vacation, we really aren’t there yet. And I’m not saying to quit your day job, just to think on this a bit. Where is your joy, your spark? What makes you happy to be alive? I bet it has something to do with others. I’m a pretty extreme introvert, and still the collective (and even a few individuals) play a big part in my happiness.

Most of September 2019 will be about embodying, and refining what our gifts really are. The top priority is taking care of your body. The past two months have included many downloads, and your body is trying to find space for them all. Let this happen. Allow your thoughts and plans to change. Let life move you, without hitting the brakes.

And something I’ve found helpful… When I am grumpy and overwhelmed, it means I’ve changed my focus from running toward joy, to running from circumstance. That shifts me from attracting support from the Universe, to “I have to make things work”. I start trying to hard. I rev the engine, forgetting the car is in neutral. So if things suddenly get hard, look at where you need to relax into the flow.

And a tip for the control freaks (people of my heart)… Make self-care a “thing”. If you need to be doing something to feel okay, redefine what counts as “doing something”. Taking a walk is doing something. Fixing a fresh meal is doing something. Taking a bath is doing something. If it has to be external, reading a book, cleaning out a closet, and playing with the dog are all doing something.

We no longer work to fit into social norms. We now use our unique gifts to lift each other up. Welcome to New Earth. May we each embody the codes.


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2 Responses to Embodying the Codes

  1. Stefan says:

    Wonderful analogy! Carwash… indeed.

    Liked by 1 person

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