Relax Into Presence

Now is the time to be fully present. Forget the disappointment and grief of the past. Forget the fear and anxiety of the future. Both only exist in the imagination, anyway. When you bring your awareness to the present moment, you can see the perfection of your life. You can feel where your body is holding tension, and release it. You can witness your own existence. And most importantly, you can experience fully.

We are each the star of our own story, as it should be, but sometimes we forget others are also living their own story. As we move into Unity Consciousness, we automatically start to incorporate the timing of other’s. I know many of us were taught we need to “make life happen”, but it’s time to revisit what that means. Life has its own timeline. We can’t push a river.

Now, instead of pushing through life, we are asked to flow with it. This means being very active when it feels right, and being very still, yet fully present, at other times. Being present may look like nothing is being accomplished, but much is happening on the inner planes. As above, so below; as within, so without. Being fully present with your body is one of the most important things we can do at the moment. It activates codes. It shows your body you support it. It accelerates ascension for all of us. And it aligns us with our highest trajectory.

We are gathering our soul family for the next step in our mission. This means two things are happening – we are aligning our energy with similar vibrations, and we are allowing time and space for our group to gather. Many of us don’t want to “wait” anymore. Impatience lowers your frequency, because it places the focus on the future. We create only in the eternal now, so keeping all our energy there is a powerful thing. We are never truly “waiting” and doing nothing. When we feel unaccomplished, it’s time to refocus inward. We can always “do” more by being fully present.

This is a new skill set for many of us, so be gentle with yourself. I need to mention that being fully present means having clear focus. You may not think only one drink, one cigarette, or one puff of marijuana makes a difference, but it does. Being fully present means being fully aware, and fully in your body. If you can’t relax without the help of a substance, there is more shadow work to do.

Ascension happens in waves. Some stopped using alcohol long ago, others are only drinking socially, while still others don’t see a problem with daily use. We are all at different places on the path. I use alcohol as an easy example, but it can be any means of distraction – substances, excessive socialization, video games, arguments on social media, pornography, the list goes on. Anything that you use to stop being present with yourself is merely a distraction. Be right where you are without judgement, but observe your behaviors. Address any aversion to presence.

For me, when I sink into the present moment, I feel my body relax. As I sit there, I feel my heart open and love surround me. It feels like meditation used to. Then life happens, I get all wound up, and I have to remind myself to be present. It’s a learning curve. It doesn’t just happen, you have to build a new habit pattern. We are all learning. We are all evolving. We are all changing. Be kind to yourself in this process.

So, for now, our work is mostly internal. Self-mastery. True freedom is freedom from time,   living in the eternal now. Presence brings peace, to mind and body. The power of creation rests in the stillness. Relax into your own presence.


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