That Strange Pull

There are so many different levels of ascension going on right now, it’s hard to find a common theme. Some are in the messy work of transmuting karma at an accelerated rate, others are starting to understand and develop intuition, while a few are sprinting towards the next step of human evolution. The only common theme is that strange pull towards your own next step. We are all feeling it. It’s an almost magnetic force, drawing us into the future.

All I can recommend is to follow it. Follow the strange pull of your soul.

If you are being pulled by karma, then it will become quite apparent very quickly. This isn’t bad, it’s just showing you what needs healed for you to keep evolving. Look at the mess straight on, eyes open, and get whatever help you need to stop repeating old patterns. It’s just a wake-up call. Warning: the situation will get worse until you face it. This encourages awareness, and brings personal responsibility and power. It is a needed step. We all go through it at some point. Freedom requires awareness.

This karmic stage is marked by victim mentality, fear, anger and blame. Everything wrong in the world seems to be due to outer situations or people. “I would be happy, if only X were different.” The point of this step is to awaken you to the fact that it all lies within. Everything outside you is merely a reflection of what’s inside you. The ONLY thing you can change is yourself, then the outer world reflects that change.  It brings the power, and responsibility, back where it belongs… in you.

If you are being pulled by intuition, then it will be more of a refinement of your skill set. This stage is about learning to discern intuition from ego. If you think you are following your intuition, but things end poorly, then it wasn’t your intuition. This is about learning which signals are from your body and soul, and which signals are from ego stories and addiction. It’s a lot of trial and error at first, but the feedback is almost instant. Be gentle with yourself. You are learning discernment.

You start to really understand the correlation between your inner world, and the outer. You see how judging yourself attracts judgmental people. It’s like your inner voice is quite obviously demonstrated in your outer world. Not the world stage, but your own circle of people. It’s easier if you take this step lightly, and just make a fun game of changing the inner to see what shifts in the outer. This step is moving from personal power to co-creation with the Universe.

If you are being pulled toward the next step, it’s your soul family pulling you in. I got the guidance six months ago I would be moving. All of a sudden, in the course of a month, I know the town, started packing, and have plenty of support to make it happen. When I meditate, I feel my soul family around me, most of whom I haven’t met yet (in this life). Inter-dimensional connection is heightened. Telepathy is heightened. It’s getting weird, even for me. That’s saying something.

This is an exercise in mastery level awareness. It’s still a learning curve, believe me. It takes a lot to be aware of your every passing thought, knowing it might be overheard by the telepathically sensitive. It requires a whole new level of self-love, to produce a loving aura. At the same time, there’s no other choice, because the pull to evolve is so strong.

If you are being pulled to the couch for a nap, consider it sacred rest. This is a physical ascension process, and your primary job is to support the body. There are times when I feel a sudden wave of exhaustion, and I think, “But I still have a list of stuff I want to get done!” And in reply I hear, “Or you could do your primary job.” Embodiment is the whole point. Integration is the whole point. That’s what we are really doing here, not the “life stuff” we put so much emphasis on.

Sidenote – Just as crystals are programmable, crystalline DNA is programmable. Be careful what you think and say to your body. It’s listening, in a whole new way.

And these aren’t clear-cut stages. You don’t graduate to never again dealing with karma, but it does take less energy and time. These are just waves – where the bulk of your time and focus are. They are fluid, and we are all at different points. Be where you are, without judgement, and keep moving forward.

So, here are my coping skills:
Mantra – Everything happens for me. This event was perfectly orchestrated to show me something important.
Observer Mind – Step outside my own drama to observe what I’m being shown.
Body Love – I speak lovingly to my body whenever I can – at least before bed.

Follow that strange pull of the soul. Evolution calls.


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