What’s Driving You?

After an intense week of merging fragmented timelines, you may be feeling the exhaustion and disorientation. It’s totally normal. Rest and relax, and really contemplate your recent experiences. Dig deep, and take an honest look at what has come up for you. Now is the time to move consciously. Meaning, no more reactionary ego-based decisions, only actual choices, utilizing free will and awareness.

As many teachings tell us, there are really only two motivators – love and fear. In other words, spirit and ego. The many options of timelines have basically been reduced to these two. Are you driven by love, or by fear? Only you know, so it’s important that you are honest with yourself on this one. Many times, the same action can be driven by either, and it’s the driving force that matters here. That driving force is where your vibrational set point is, and will attract situations to reflect it.

Are you exercising because your body wants to move, or because you’re afraid to be overweight? Are you eating differently to support your health, or because you need to go with the crowd? Are you with your partner because you are both supportive and growing, or are you afraid to be alone? Are you doing charity work to build a better society, or are you afraid of going to hell? Look at every part of your life, and find the true motivator.

I’m a big fan of “fake it until you make it”, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with using that as a stepping stone. Be where you are, without self-judgement. All I’m asking is enough introspection to find out where you really are. It’s never fun to think you are doing all the “right” things, and everything still seems to be getting harder. Fear-based realities will continue to struggle.

Running away from something is completely different than running toward something. Knowing what you “don’t want” or what you “should do” is truly valuable information. It’s an absolutely essential step in finding your personal power. And eventually, you shift to what you do want, and what you love to do. That’s what we’re shooting for. If fear wasn’t part of the equation, how would your life look? Location? Job? Partner? What really sparks your heart?

I’m not asking you to run out and make all these changes today, but I do have a fun homework assignment. Everyday, for at least two weeks, spend 5-10 minutes imagining your perfect life. Don’t think about any practical restrictions, and really feel this space. This brings you into the heart vibration we’re looking for. If what you imagine isn’t even in this reality, I don’t care. Just settle into your body, and daydream perfection. Feel it. 

After you are comfortable with this exercise, notice who and what is different from your real life. Another way to do this, would be to introduce people or situations into your daydream, and see how the feeling changes. Only do this step when you are really comfortable with the feeling of “perfection”. This will help you use your body signals to discern your best path forward. We are trained to ignore our intuition. This exercise helps to remind you of your inner signals.

Look at everything in your life with brutal honesty. Contemplate your motivations. Then feel into the body, for the support of your intuition. Use both faculties, in equal measure. This your own inner balance of masculine and feminine energies. The answers lie within. Only you know what drives you.


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