Peripheral Epiphanies

You know how sometimes you glimpse something at the edge of your vision, but when you look right at it, it’s gone? It’s just like that, only with personal psychology (shadows). Things keep coming up that seem familiar, but somehow less invasive. These patterns are being gently brought to our attention so we can consciously choose whether or not to continue with them. They aren’t as triggering as they once were, so now we can see them from a distance, and pick a path. A beautiful combination of awareness and clarity.

Another nice thing happening right now is all the mirror help from others. Even more than usual, if I miss the subtle signs, I’m surrounded by people and situations that make it impossible to miss. The trick here is to always return to your own psychology. No blaming. It really is all about your own inner work, and what you are either attracting, or tolerating, around you.

For example, I’m not triggered by misogyny. I know it’s out there, occasionally I meet someone with those views, but they never linger. I am, however, triggered by flakiness. When I am suddenly surrounded by people who don’t follow through on their word, I am forced to look at what is going on inside me. My list includes: Being impeccable with my own word, my respect for other’s time, abandonment issues (by not knowing if I can count on others), control issues, and not trusting in life’s timing. I’m sure there’s more, but you get the point. Then I need to look at what I’m doing, as well as what I’m tolerating. Your boundaries are always as important as your behavior.

Side note – I attended a talk by Sandra Walter in May, and of all the amazing information presented, this part sticks with me: “An oversoul consists of about 350,000 human lives, so generally I’m just talking to a room full of me.” I love that. Lee Harris says we pay others to be outer demonstrations of ourself. I love that, too. Nothing is happening to you, it’s all happening for you. All of it. Blaming only takes away your own power to change.

Along with these amazing epiphanies comes a clarity of where these paths lead. Do I want a reality based on the mental plane? Once I reach the core issue, do I release it, or keep it? There is no right or wrong, this is just a push to make a conscious choice. This is just the subconscious bubbling up to the light. You must look at it directly, but then you get to choose if it’s worth keeping. No one is judging you. Just be fully aware of what you’re choosing.

Denial, delusion, and avoidance will be pretty rough now now. If you are one of those people with a selective memory, or a penchant for people-pleasing then this might get pretty rough. The object of the game is to reveal our own hidden psychology, and the signs will continue to get bigger until they are acknowledged. This is not the time to pretend it will just blow over. Don’t be afraid of your own dark, it just wants to be brought to light.

After you identify the core issue, imagine what life feels like if you release it, and also what it feels like to keep it. One of those options will feel better in your body. For me, one way always relaxes and opens my body. Don’t think about the process of change, that’s never pleasant. Just think about the other side of the change. That lets me know if the change is worth it. You may also want to review the last post, What’s Driving You?

Remember that we are all connected, and we are returning to Unity Consciousness. The people around you are just fragments of yourself, asking to be healed. You can’t “inflict a healing” on others, but you can heal yourself, thus affecting the whole group. That really angry driver that just honked at you, might be begging for you to address your own anger, or to walk away from abuse. We heal each other when we heal ourselves.

Pay attention. These peripheral epiphanies are paving the way to our new selves.


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  1. thank you for this gentle reminder


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