* Personality Continuum *

We can no longer look at the world through the lens of polarity. No more black and white, only shades of grey. Are you ready to release the absolutes? Are you ready to explore the immense in-between possibilities? The world becomes much larger when there is endless possibility, rather than two basic options. Navigating this is what I want to explore.

Some will try to use this concept as a justification to support their hedonism. “If nothing is really “bad”, then anything I do is “good”, right?” I’m coming at it from the other end. We always have access to a better version of ourselves. Nature wants to grow, expand, and evolve. If you don’t, it is your responsibility to figure out why, and address the issue. Absolute personal accountability. Be where you are, without judgement, but keep moving.

It used to be easier to think of human potential as layers: body, ego, Spirit. At this point in time, people are waking up rapidly, and the ego can fluctuate wildly. Gone are the days of spending an entire lifetime with one, basic, unchanging personality. It is now easier (for me, at least) to think of the human experience as a continuum. Instead of a light side and a dark side, we have access to all the options between. Our personality continuum can be visualized as a rainbow – we can vibrate at either end of the spectrum, or anywhere in between.

The key is figuring out where you spend the majority of your time, and how quickly you bounce back after you fall to lower vibrations. We all fall. Want proof? Just stub your toe on the way to the bathroom at 2 in the morning… That’ll throw you right into anger and blame, I don’t care who you are. The question is, how long do you let yourself stay there? Everyone falls, but some bounce right back up. Returning to your current set-point is natural. And it helps you discover what your set-point is.

Where do you spend most of your time? Angry? Happy? Checked out? Afraid? We each have access to the full range. It’s a matter of focus, and practice, to keep us moving in the direction we want to go. This is about mental mastery. You drive your whole reality with the stories you dwell on. Choose the ones that support who you want to become.

Now we are going to flip this around, to choose our inner circle of friends. This has nothing to do with judgement, only discernment. The difference is this: judgement says things are wrong, where discernment says things are wrong for me. I have friends who are addicts, and others at various levels of narcissism. I can love them where they’re at on their path, while still knowing I need to keep a certain amount of distance for me to walk my own path. Boundaries are essential. You will have a greater capacity for love, if you take steps to keep your field clear. Spend time around people you want to become.

When looking at others, evaluate their actions. It doesn’t matter that you can see the sparkly light of their soul. It doesn’t matter that they speak of how they would be if some circumstance were different. The ego personality (vibration level set-point) is shown in the actions. The level of personal awareness is shown by their daily activities. People are right where they’re willing to be, and no one can change them. Change is entirely internal. Trying to change others isn’t loving. It leaves one feeling judged, while the other feels frustrated. Knowing when to leave is an art.

Also remember, we can only know others as deeply as we know ourselves. We can only love others as deeply as we love ourselves. We can only see others as deeply as we see ourselves. Know yourself, so you can know others. Remember to reverse this also. Others can only know, love, see you as deeply as they can with themselves. Don’t be taken off guard when someone doesn’t give you the love they can’t give themselves. Just because you really see deeply, doesn’t mean the people around you have done the inner work to reciprocate. They are doing their best from where they are, but don’t assume they are operating at your level.

Looking at this continuum gives us another way to see ourselves, and others. We can challenge ourselves to reach new heights, at a gradual pace, without judgement of right and wrong. We can honestly evaluate our circle of friends. We can walk in the world with more awareness, which is the point of the game. It’s okay to change and grow, at any speed. It’s okay to leave people where they are on their path, to grow at their own pace. The more people who are consciously evolving, the smoother the path becomes for others to follow. The biggest service you can offer to the world is your own growth. Explore your own personality continuum.


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