* Fractal Reality *

These posts come to me from the ether somewhere. I feel like they are broadcast to all, but a few of us pick up the message more strongly, so I pass it on as best I can. Once in a while, the very secrets of creation come streaming in. I used to worry about publicly sharing this secret information, but then I realized two things… 1) The time for secrets is over, and 2) If  someone isn’t ready to receive, they don’t hear me anyway. The Mystery Teachings really do require the eyes to see, and the ears to hear. So let’s create some reality, shall we?

I love it when old information is presented in a new way. It’s all symbol and metaphor, but some symbols are just easier to understand. The Mystery Schools teach that reality is holographic… you can cut off a corner, and still see the whole picture within the piece. I can mentally grasp it, but it never seemed natural to me. A few days ago, I got the image of all reality as a fractal. That one feels easier to me. While this concept can be applied at any level, I’m going to focus on the physical. After all, changing the physical world is what we’re after.

Imagine a fractal. The spiraling arms represent both the micro (molecules), and the macro (universes). Your Higher Mind is the center, where it all springs from. As all Divinity, the center is everywhere, and the circumference is nowhere. We are each the defining force in our own fractal. When our thoughts are untrained, and just repeating old input (monkey mind), The fractal just keeps repeating in the same way, both micro and macro.

Here’s the crazy part… we get to change the pattern by focusing the Higher Mind. This can be done by will (lower magic), or by love (higher magic). Thoughts are electric, and emotions are magnetic. If we use our will to constantly redirect our thoughts to love, the result is magnetically attracting that vibration into our field.

I know this seems overwhelming on a grand scale, so we’re just going to focus on our own body. Every chance you get, redirect the conversation to love. If you don’t like your body, figure out why. If your body has addiction issues, get it help. Treat your body as a dear friend, who has always been there for you. Because it has. Your body is the only reason you get to exist, and create, in the physical realm. The more loving dialog you have with your body, the easier it becomes to change physical reality. Your own body is the key.

Motivation matters. Are you avoiding alcohol because you should, or because you love your liver? Doing (or avoiding) things because you are following a list is just dogma. Dogma is just a belief system, and not grounded in the physical plane. Acting out of love is where the power lies. Do you avoid leaving your dog in a hot car because you might get in trouble, or because you want the animal to be safe and comfortable? How much of what you do for your own body is motivated by love?

This is where the shadow work comes in. Figure out your own stories that keep you from self-love. I’m not taking about body image, or indulging base desires, I mean real love. Real support. Unconditional stuff. Your body naturally strives for health. Your Higher Mind naturally wants to be in body. Loving and supporting our body is our natural state. If you aren’t there, and many aren’t, your work is to figure out why, and fix it. Changing the physical world requires changing our relationship to it, starting with our host body.

We all know that as each person awakens, it affects the collective. This is totally true, but grounding it in the physical plane requires a physical connection. What if your self-talk is heard, stored, and repeated in your cells? What if the patterns you create spiral out into the multiverse? What if you can change the shape of your fractal at anytime, by redefining your relationship to your body? As with any change it takes time and practice to become permanent. It’s worth it.

Your relationship with your own body can show you, with great clarity, where you are on the spiritual path. When we change the game from “amusement park” to complete support, we change everything. The whole world goes from selfish to selfless, in a heartbeat. Greed and hierarchy have no place in a world of loving cooperation. The Masculine (mind), and the Feminine (body) come into perfect unison, as they were meant to be. This is where we’ll effect the macro of our planet. This is how we change fractal reality.


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3 Responses to * Fractal Reality *

  1. Stefan says:

    There’s indeed a subtle difference between following dogma and loving yourself. A subtle yet huge difference. Thanks for pointing that out, it’s a game changer for me.


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