* Entitlement *

This subject has been confusing and elusive to me. Only this week has it made sense, and only when viewed through the lens of old archetypes. At least to me. This is the mystical view, and you (as always) can feel free to dismiss it and go with your own explanation. Just sit with the energy and ideas, and see what rings true for you.

We must start in the past, when polarity was so extreme we had to divide life into gender roles. Men were the providers, and took great pride in that role. The ability to support your family, and fix things around the house was a great thing. Women were the homemakers, and took great pride in that role. Keeping the house tidy, raising children, and keeping everyone healthy and well fed was a great thing. The point being, both parties wanted to do their role, and do it well. This started to break down about a hundred years ago.

Fast-forward to the early 2000’s, the age of entitlement. Men generally despise going to work and financially supporting a family. Women want to do as little as possible with home and kids, while being financially supported. No one wants to do the old role, yet they all expect others to carry the burden of living. Maybe we are just trying to live in expired archetypes. With Unity Consciousness returning, each of us is responsible for balancing these energies within. It seems very isolated at first, but when these balanced people find each other, miracles can happen.

This also leads me to the idea of toxic masculinity. Again, this isn’t a gender issue, it’s about our inner energies. Your feminine is your body, and your masculine is your Higher Mind (not the ego mind). Collectively, we have slipped from our Higher Mind to our ego mind (monkey mind), and our bodies are paying for it. Remember Dax from the show Deep Space Nine? That character was a symbiotic being that could get transplanted into a new host body, but kept the wisdom she had collected in her thousands of years. That’s basically what I’m saying. Your body is not an amusement park. Your body supports your physical life, and you need to support its health in return.

Having slipped into the ego mind, and the mind being our masculine energy (free will), we have collectively decided to go with the masculine shadow of the eternal child. We all want to run about and have fun, while someone else cares and provides for us. Both men and women are living this shadow, not all but many. Ask yourself if you are happy to do the work of living, or if everything seems burdensome. Even when we drop the concept of money and jobs, there will still be growing and harvesting food, raising children, and a multitude of other tasks.

Shout out to my Mom – She always gave thanks for the washing machine, because our ancestors did laundry by beating the clothes on rocks in the river. I remember that every time I do laundry.

If you honestly think life should be a permanent vacation, you are totally living in the shadows. If you think the chores of life are drudgery and you want a full-time staff to do them for you, you are living in the shadows. If you are expecting someone to save you from your life, you are living in the shadows. The incoming message is simple: Grow Up! We must master our own thoughts, before evolution can work its magic. Taking care of your own body and surroundings is the first step. Well, second step… the first step is being honest with yourself about when you feel entitled, and whiny about living.

This all kind of sounds like everyone is an island, all alone in the world. It’s quite the opposite. You are, however, all alone in your mind. Only you know what’s going on in there, and only you can change it. We must each be empowered from the inside, so we can attract other empowered beings. This is where Unity Consciousness steps in. Instead of the polarity of gender roles, we are headed towards empowered communities.

Does this mean you need to be more independent? Only mentally. We all have friends and partners to help us with life, and that’s as it should be. What I’m saying is mind your Mind. Check the story you’re living. Anytime you want to escape or be saved, look at the shadow belief you are running. This is Mastery level stuff, so be sure to observe your thoughts without judgement. Just knowing what’s driving you can change everything.

No one really wants to be an eternal child, but most of us haven’t even looked at the other options. Dig deep. Dissolve your own sense of entitlement.


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