Assimilating New Information

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.”Stephen Hawking

So much information coming in. Some is quite obvious, some is so subtle, it’s almost undetectable. The only underlying theme is that it is all self-knowledge. A flood of knowing yourself in new ways.

Some of the information seems totally new, while other parts seem like the same game on a whole new level. Life is a spiral, and we continually see things from new perspectives, but this experience is much faster. Like watching your life review on fast forward. So much, all at once!

This is probably tied to liner time changing, and the magnetic poles shifting. As the planet does her thing, we are swept up with her. The nice part is that a critical mass has been preparing for this since 2012, or longer. Anyone reading this has done inner preparation. All we really need to do at this point is stay open. Spend as much time as you can feeling your open heart. Maybe just check-in with yourself throughout your day, to be sure you’re open. An open heart will guide you.

Dreams have been vivid – pay attention. Synchronicity abounds – pay attention. Both old and new paths are surfacing – pay attention. All this information is coming in so we can see the patterns, and make a choice. Right now, the choice is on the mental level. Come January 2020, we will be asked to take steps. Use the new information to prepare mentally, so the steps will be easier.

On a human level, this energy is intense! Yes, there is a background bliss which has been lovely. There is also nausea every time the magnetic poles shift. Lots of physical pain in the arms and sinuses, as we upgrade our 5th & 6th chakras. Earlier this week, there was a huge wave of emotion, so big I can’t even tell you which emotion. Time is both dragging on, and speeding by. On a human level, it’s just not comfortable.

My best advice is to return to your heart and the present moment, whenever possible. Staying heart-based and present will keep you above the fray. Whenever you feel overwhelmed or lost, return to your heart and the now. At this point, we just need to be open and receive the messages. Just listen, and contemplate what you’ve discovered about yourself. A good (short) read has been gifted to us from Sandra Walter HERE.

Of course, this is also playing out on the world stage. As above so below; as within so without. Try to keep away from the outer noise, and keep turning your focus inward. The fastest way to heal the world is to heal yourself. Be gentle with yourself, as you assimilate the new.


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