Growing Up

Since the 1960’s growing up has been equated with selling out. This is a real tragedy, because the opposite is true. They say great power requires great responsibility, but the important part is seeing the other side… Great responsibility leads to great power. Maturity isn’t selling out, it’s stepping up. You can’t direct your life until you step into the role of adult. As an adult, you set your own course.

The idea of staying a kid is presented as life being easy and carefree. How is that true? As a child, you are forced to conform to your parents beliefs – religion, schooling, gender expectations… do what you’re told, and don’t rock the boat. As an adult, you get to exercise your free will by choosing your own beliefs and your own unique path. The world is your oyster, if you step into your own power, and take responsibility for your own life. True adults are always much happier than eternal children. Acting from free will choice is just more comfortable than being the victim of circumstance. Less whining involved, also.

Along with the misconception that being an eternal child is desirable, most people never had true adult role models. Many were raised by eternal children, and have no real reference to what true maturity actually looks like. If I’m honest, this part breaks my heart. I was raised by very aware and introspective people, and not many had that foundation. Never underestimate the benefits of a good childhood, nor the scars of a bad one.

Blame and tantrums were passed off as adult relationships. Oppression and victimization were the common workplace experiences. Having a family just added stress, not joy. Life was made out to be very hard. This is the mentality of the eternal child. Always dreaming of an easy existence, that never really existed. In my personal experience, this broken world described my time at school. I couldn’t wait to grow up, so I could design my own destiny. But I had strong, mature, adult role models to pattern after.

This is when you get to be really honest with yourself. Did your parents actually act like adults? Did you just assume they were demonstrating adult behavior, just because they were your parents? Can you look back on your childhood, and see what you may have labeled as adult behavior, that really wasn’t? Would you feel differently about your life if you reframed your idea of growing up? Are you happy continuing with your current definition? Ponder these questions, and see what else comes up.

Some think that maturity is simply doing what you need to do, instead of what you want to do. I look at it differently. Maturity is being fully responsible for your own expression (creation). Maturity is keeping all your thoughts and desires in your head, and only speaking or acting after you’ve thought through the consequences. Basically, using your brain as a filter. This changes your every interaction, thus creating a new reality. The next level is redirecting your thoughts, so your inner dialog is really what you want it to be. This is real adult-ing.

The Universe is about to expect a level of maturity most have never even contemplated. Now is the time to reframe and redesign your thoughts on growing up. We are about to leave the eternal children to their victim mentality, and move through personal power to the mature level of absolute accountability. Thinking about your personal power, and why it might be lacking, is the best way to prepare for this shift. Be gentle with yourself… how you got here wasn’t your fault, but it is definitely your responsibility to change it. That’s what growing up is really about.


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