2020 ~ First Steps

A new decade is upon us, as the adventure continues! For those who have been doing some kind of inner work, 2020 looks to be very bright. For those actively avoiding their inner work, the coming year will include a lot of abrupt endings, to put you back on your path. For those who have never even heard of inner work, waking up will be abrupt and confusing. Be kind to all, especially yourself, as we each take our own first steps into the future.

2020 marks the year when we (collectively) begin to shift from individual ego lives, to the larger picture, or hive mentality. Before anyone gets worried about losing their individuality… Look around you at the world stage. The current paradigm was built on, and for, the personal ego. Power struggles are an an ego-based dynamic. We are now beginning to see the value in unity and community, with shared responsibility and support. We will still be individuals, but the focus changes to bringing our individual gifts to the outer world, instead of hoarding them for our separate lives.

For some, sharing personal gifts may seem intimidating. My best advice? Get over yourself. Heal whatever wounds are blocking your expression. The world needs you. It doesn’t matter if your gift is teaching yoga or making lampshades, just let your creativity flow into the world. Someone is waiting for exactly what you have to offer. We are all a step for someone else’s growth. This life is not our’s alone – we belong to each other. This sharing doesn’t have to be your “day job”, but it needs to happen. Scale is irrelevant.

Another big change in 2020 is body-based intuition. Many of us have relied on mental intuition (seeing timelines), or just powering through to reach a goal. That’s no longer the case. Moving from ego to collective also requires moving from forcing to feeling. Not emotional feeling, but pure body reaction. Does thinking about something make you tired? Not angry or sad, but tired. Emotions are generally wrapped up in stories, but the body has its own intelligence. Listen to your body!!! It will guide you.

Free will still matters, and it’s important to keep moving. At the same time, as soon as we try to move in the wrong direction (away from our highest path), things will just crumble. When things fall apart, just know there is something better for you. It’s cosmic redirection, that’s all. If you continue to ignore the small signs, the body will suffer. If you are suddenly gaining weight or getting sick, stop and sit with your body. Ask it what it needs to feel supported. Let your body lead, instead of dragging it along for the ride. Your body strives for health. All we have to do is listen.

This is a year of fluid focus. The old paradigm had us set a goal, and then use determination to get it. Now, the goal is more of a state of being, and how it happens may change. Let go of the “how”. For example, if you want more peace in your life, focus on that feeling and just let the circumstances show up. Let the world move around you. The free will (focus) part of that is daily connection with that feeling. No outer circumstances, just the feeling in your body. Meditate daily, in whatever way works for you, and connect to peace. You are programming your DNA with receptors for a certain vibe, and it will magnetically attract situations that match. Just try it. Everyday.

For the first embodiers – you know who you are – contemplate physical life beyond the ego. Ego death is a big deal, but if it is entered with awareness, it isn’t as traumatic (so I’m told). It’s a whole new level of service to willfully evolve in this way. Commitment to the mission takes on new meaning. It isn’t a choice you have to make right now, but it’s a good point to contemplate. So much of the human experience is based on the ego. For now. We are all evolving beyond it, some very soon.

Be gentle with yourself, with others, and mostly with your body. Support others with their process, while maintaining your own boundaries. Be sure you fill your own cup before giving to others, or asking from others. Responsibility and support, as we take these first steps together.


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5 Responses to 2020 ~ First Steps

  1. Stefan says:

    It wasn’t as traumatic indeed. For a few seconds though I was nowhere, totally alone. Words can’t describe the void. Then Source returned slowly.
    Thanks Natha for your prophetic words, if you hadn’t described it in this post I probably wouldn’t have figured out this morning what I went through last night.


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