Goodbye 2019

Every year I reflect on the lessons I’ve learned. I highly recommend this practice, both as a way of honoring the year, and reviewing personal growth. This feels like more than my usual yearly note. We are wrapping up a decade of growth. What an amazing ride it’s been! There were some deep wounds in this decade, but from here, they seem distant and totally necessary. 2019 was magical for me. Here are a few of my most powerful lessons…

I learn a lot by observation, but it’s more painful than making my own mistakes. More awareness, less adrenaline. Not my favorite.
It’s the compassionate thing to simply let people make their own mistakes, without trying to break the fall.
This level of compassion is tough for me.
Stopping the flow of my life hurts, even when it’s on purpose. I do better when I don’t refuse the flow.
Unexpectedly finding new soul family members makes the journey worth it.
Soul family only shows up when I’m living at a soul level. Consistently.
I feel like I’ve exceeded my own expectations in this life. It’s all frosting from here.
Compromising myself for the comfort of others is no longer an option.
Codependency can be healed with awareness.
I am not stronger than narcissistic abuse. Removing toxic people from my life is essential for awareness and healing.
I love that my life is so different, even in the not-so-fun ways.
I love that I can feel my DNA changing, even when others think I’m crazy.
Those who consider me crazy aren’t my people.
I love that meditating now changes the smell of my skin.
I am really rooting for the awakening of the Devine Masculine. It’s exciting!
Even when things don’t go as planned, I’m really proud of myself for jumping in with both feet. All in. Not many people do that.
Giving your word is making a commitment. Commitment is very important to me.
Forgiveness and trust are two different things. Forgiveness comes with time. Once broken, trust never grows back the same way. Trust is very important to me.
Someone can only love me as deeply as they love themselves. I should read that again.
I love being single.
Staying open to the possibility of partnership is important for my path.
My personal definition of a successful romantic relationship is when you are still friends after it ends.
Fear is always lying. Always.
Friendship is always more important than money. Always.
It’s hard for me to see people at an ego level. I really need to watch their actions, not their light. Light is embodied through action.
If I am confused by someone’s behavior, all I need to do is look at their partner and friends. Their circle doesn’t lie. They fit for a reason.
Many of my inner circle live far from me. I hope that changes.
Let people be right where they are, without judgement, but keep moving.
For the first time, I’m glad I incarnated early. Helping to lay the groundwork for this shift  has been an honor and a privilege.
The fabric of this ego personality is unraveling rapidly. Embodiment is weird.
I’m not sure I have an inner child. I’m not sure that’s a bad thing.
I carry the archetypes of Truth and Faith. Truth is easy, Faith has been elusive. Until now.
I’m so excited for the future!

If you missed it, check out the energy forecast for 2020 ~ First Steps. This next year promises to be a bright one. Always leave room for unexpected happiness! Blessings on your sacred journey!


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