Sacred Rebellion

Before you start this article, take a few deep breaths. Now take a few more. Return to your body. Return to the now. Nothing is all that bad, when you keep returning to yourself. Remember this. Maybe it’s a good time to reread ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle.

The old world is dying, and the new is just beginning. Both death and birth can be scary and dramatic… or you can learn techniques to ease the inevitable. For birth, Lamaze breathing just gives a point to focus on. The baby is coming out either way. That’s where we are on the world stage. Wild fires, and assassinations, and war, oh my. I’m not saying don’t care or stay uninformed, I’m just saying don’t join the circus. Stay above the fray. This is where you’re needed.

At this point in history, it’s important not to repeat old stories, old triggers, both personal and collective. Don’t fall into the same patterns of fear and division. We’ve seen that movie before. Rebel. Joy is rebellion. Love is rebellion. Laughter is definitely a sacred rebellion. Staying present and relaxed is the only way to steer this ship to calmer waters. The nice part is that it takes very few focused minds to hold this new trajectory. If you fall into the fray, just climb out, and refocus. We can hold this space.

Climbing out may be easier if you mix things up. Change your routine, change your patterns, change your mind. Please don’t incorporate the current atmosphere into your personal narrative. We are all feeling it, and it will pass. Making it part of your story just brings attachment, and a deeper experience of the chaos.

There have been times this past week (eclipse window) when I have felt great, only to be side-swiped by a wave of fear. I am aware of my own energy enough to know it wasn’t mine, but it still knocked me down a few notches. The trick is to get back up quickly – don’t stay there. The longer you wallow, the more tempting it is to make it personal. We all get knocked down, that’s just a given. Recognizing it, and getting back up is mastery.

Try to keep it light. Keep returning to your body. Stay present. Fear is simply an imagined future, not a current experience. Take breathing breaks. You aren’t alone. We were built for this. This is the sacred rebellion.


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2 Responses to Sacred Rebellion

  1. Val Nolen says:

    I love ‘Walking in Both Worlds’, it comes at just the right time and reinforces what I’m already doing. Brilliant! Thank you so much for your service!


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