Love & Service

January 2020 has been a bit crazy. We were shifted onto our proper ascension timelines, and we have been processing the backlog of “stuff” that can’t come with us on this new trajectory. There used to be multiple timeline options, but now it’s down to two: ego-based and soul-based. Since the ego structure is no longer being supported, that line will dwindle out, as people either wake up, or die off. I know that may sound harsh or scary, but that’s how change always happens. It’s not apocalyptic, it’s just normal in a moral existence.

Our primary job at this point is to embody this new energy. Instead of the old measurement of “doing”, we now focus on “being”. Walk your talk, and recenter often. Whenever I feel a bit scrambled or confused by the intensity, it is most helpful to concentrate on love and service. That’s really what the higher timeline is about. In your meditative practice, ask, “How can I be of greatest service? What path leads me to love?”

Love and service are the natural expression of the soul. Living from that place is embodiment. Remember that you can’t pour from an empty glass. You need to love and serve yourself so much that your cup runneth over, and spills into the world around you. Martyrdom is not service. Codependency is not love. You can only know others as deeply as you know yourself. You can only love and serve the world as deeply as you love and serve yourself. Everything is holographic, and all change comes from within.

On the lines of holographic reality, and unity consciousness, remember that every part of the physical world is all one thing. If you can’t manage to exercise today, maybe do some light cleaning. If you are knee deep in shadow work, maybe clean out a closet. Maintain both your body and your environment. Do something everyday to improve the physical world. Cleaning up the global environment starts with your personal environment (body & home). Everything in a physical world requires maintenance… bodies, homes, cars, relationships… everything decays without attention and effort. Love and service.

What is best for you is always best for everyone. I am talking love here, not money or some other ego measurement. If it brings you a sense of joy, love, or comfort, it’s the right direction for all concerned. If it makes sense mentally, but you feel uneasy or anxious, then get out of your ego mind. Recenter on love and service, and the proper path will show itself. Getting there in the practical world may take some courage, because change is always a challenge, but your proper path is supported. Soul-based living is supported. Our invisible team is hard at work for us, we just need to start moving in that direction.

As was mentioned in the 2020 energy forecast, intuition is becoming more physical for all of us. Listen to the wisdom of your body. If a situation, person, food, or anything makes you feel drained every time you engage with them, then just stop doing it. Your body is sending you a clear message… listen! We can avoid all kinds of illness if we listen to our bodies, then take action before we get sick. These physical cues are getting stronger. Please listen. At first, it may take some concentration to be totally aware of physical sensations, but it gets easier with practice.

The other thing that keeps coming through is this: never underestimate the power of your personal narrative. Are you a human being having spiritual experiences? Then that is exactly how much power you have allowed yourself. Are you a spiritual being having a human experience? Then that is exactly how much power you have allowed yourself. Are you a creator god/goddess wrapped in a human suit? Then that is exactly how much power you have allowed yourself. Likewise, if your self-talk is abusive and negative, you have seriously limited your own personal power. Self-mastery is mental-mastery. Mind your mind.

We are loved and supported in ways we can’t even imagine. We are shifting realities just by being here. We were built for this. Your love & service are greatly appreciated!


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