Gentle Remembrance

The energies are not at all gentle. The emotional chaos being stirred up is downright brutal. After having a really turbulent 24 hours, I finally took a nice hot bath to clear my head. I always get the best downloads in the bath. Water and self-care. Golden.

What I got was the usual “new energy in, old energy out” spiel, along with some helpful context. Keep focused on who you want to be when you grow up, and move towards that. Move your thoughts, words, and deeds in the direction you want to arrive. Sounds obvious, but when you are battling the internal fray, it’s nice to have a reminder.

I have been dealing with feelings of fear, overwhelm, and lack, none of which are common for me. The fact that these aren’t my normal leads me to the conclusion that this isn’t all mine. We all assist in clearing the collective, as well as bloodlines, so remember not to take it as personally as it feels. Feel it, and release it.

No choice is wrong, and no one is judging you. It is simply about who you want to become. Do I want to squirrel away every penny, or do I want to spread the wealth, and trust that more money will come? Do I want to play it safe, or do I want to live to the fullest? Again, there is no wrong answer, but very different paths, leading to very different destinations.

So, your invisible team considers this a gentle remembrance. Feel it all, then choose one, and release the other. Remember who you came here to be. One road will feel peaceful and expansive. The other road will feel oppressive and isolating. Your body will make it clear which path serves you. And if you don’t get a clear answer right away, just sit with the question until the answer comes. All in Divine timing.

Self-care is instrumental. Your body is shedding old DNA, and needs your support with this shift. Clean diet, clean environment, lots of love and praise. Everything will happen more smoothly if your internal dialog is loving and encouraging. Know that you’re doing a great job, both mentally and physically.

On that note, if your relaxation is chemically dependent (drugs or alcohol), now is the time to learn a new coping skill. Learn to use your breath to regulate your heartbeat. Develop a relationship with your body. Lately, I’ve been doing breath work utilizing a big in-breath, and a very slow exhale, repeat for at least three minutes. For instant energy, try the breath of fire from Kundalini yoga. Find what works for you, and practice. If you get stranded on an island it’s always good to know how to work with the body, without a substance. Also, this frees you from the consumerism associated with mild anxiety or depression. Take your power back.

Who do you want to be when you grow up? If you are experiencing anything else, it’s just here to say goodbye. Feel it, thank it, release it, and choose the other path. Be gentle with yourself and others, as we all remember who we are. We are all just stories in the end, make yours a good one. May your remembrance be gentle.


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