Grid Points

There is much talk about the new Earth Grid, and the human Heart Grid, and all the new alignments with 5D. Some have been physically visiting places (for decades), and planting crystals. Others have been working ethereally. Now it’s time to actually become the physical anchors. How exciting is that?!?

Several years ago, in meditation, I was told I was now a gatekeeper. No job description, no outline, just the title. Learn as I go, I guess. It started with etheric work, and eventually moved into my body. I can feel energies come and go, through my body, to either anchor or clear the collective. Big energies. Before anyone starts reprimanding me for using my body as a conduit, let me just say this wasn’t a choice. At no point did I ever volunteer to process this stuff physically. That said, I’m sure I was built for this. It’s exhausting sometimes, but my self-care is on point. I’m not in harm’s way.

Now, there are several of us being placed (relocated, temporarily or permanently), to become grid points. Living grid points. Wow! The visual I get is the end of ‘The Fifth Element’, when Leelu’s heart opens, and energy from the elements shoots out. I doubt it will be quite that dramatic, but still just as important. If you have recently been relocated, or suddenly have odd travel plans, odds are you are about to ground some energy for the new grid systems. Yay!!! I’m pretty excited about this one!

It isn’t tough. Self-care, and an open heart is all you need. That includes clean food & drink, sleep when tired, meditation, and lots of love & laughter. Care for your body, and keep the vibe high, and the rest will be done by your Higher Self. I haven’t been given specifics on a date, but it feels like more than one, with the first surge happening around the equinox. I definitely feel like I need to be settled at my new home by March 21st. But that may just be my personal directive, and others may be different.

2020 is off to a great start. We can’t even imagine what lies before us in this new decade. We were built for this. This is why we answered the call to incarnate on Earth at this precious time. We are so very loved and supported. We got this!


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