* Heirloom Furniture *

It’s always amazing to me how normal life events have so many layers, just waiting to be uncovered. I am in the midst of relocating, so packing up my house is a daily chore. I have a lot of full boxes. Some would say to give it all away and start over. I’ve never been a fan of that concept for myself. I don’t have “junk”, but I have an abundance of family antiques and beautiful gifts.

I like to be surrounded by beautiful and old things. Some don’t, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I’ve had plenty of time (while packing) to consider what’s really important to me, to take to my new home. I just really love the idea of hearth and home… the cosy comfort of an old book, read by the fire. It just feels good. Some feel better living in an RV, with only what they can carry in a backpack. Again, no right or wrong, just an opportunity to know myself at a deeper level.

What also strikes me is the unity of all physical reality. Meaning, I cherish my belongings just as I cherish my body. People who have a “disposable” attitude about “stuff” tend to treat their bodies with the same flippancy. Look around you, and see if you can find this theme. Look at yourself, and see how you regard the physical.

I am totally comfortable with the impermanence of it all, belongings and body. All I’m saying is that both can be treasured while we’re here. Even (or maybe especially) the minimalist can appreciate their creature comforts. Respect and honor, without attachment.

Going one step further, YOU are an heirloom. Your birth into this body is the result of countless ancestors. Be gentle with yourself. Be kind to your body. Treat yourself as the beautiful gift you are. You’ll never get another shot at this one specific life, so live it with as much love and joy as you can. We are all stories in the end, passed down to the next generation, like heirloom furniture.


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