Holding Space

As the old systems fall into chaos, the new is emerging. I haven’t written anything in a while, because I feel totally disconnected from the old consciousness. I spend hours at a time just feeling my heart open and fill with Light. I am aware this isn’t the experience most are having right now, and I do occasionally feel a wave of fear from the masses, but I never mistake it as my own. When it happens, I meditate to bring myself back from the edge. Then I sit with my heart again.

From an ego standpoint this seems selfish, or maybe lazy. It isn’t. It’s a deep act of love and service, to the whole of humanity. Light workers are holding the space for the creation of the new… new systems, new templates, new everything. New to us in this life, but in actuality, a return to Grace.

Why so much fear right now? Because the ego doesn’t want to go. Ego death is much harder than physical death because it means venturing into the unknown. That said, many will choose physical death, and that’s okay. Sometimes change is too hard. Some planned to leave before this change. Some have finished their work. This is probably a good time to reexamine your thoughts about death and dying.

This is actually a good time to reexamine your thoughts on most things. Money, religion, governments, any hierarchy or control. We move forward in Unity and Love. This is the opposite of what we had before, and it will be hard for some. Love them anyway. Let them be where they are, and hold space for the new. As we all self-quarantine, we are afforded time for introspection. Align with your heart.

Fear is contagious, but so is Grace. Be the change. Whenever you are tempted to spread fear and drama, ask yourself why. The only mind you can work with is your own. Unity consciousness gives new weight to doing your own inner work. I can feel so many new lights coming on each time I meditate. It’s exciting!

Step back from network news, also. If you want to stay informed, look at data, not opinion. In the US, try the CDC site, or something similar. So far, I haven’t had the push to keep up with the info, just to create the energetic template for the new. Do whatever you are (non-emotionally) drawn to.

Go within, and feel how amazing it is out there, beyond the old matrix. Join me in holding the space.


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