True Freedom

As we enter unfamiliar ground, we get to look at how attached we are to the known. Even things we know are hurting us spiritually can be so comforting to the ego. The ego relies on whatever we know as normal, so it knows what experiences to reproduce, largely subconsciously. The golden handcuffs of money, self-identity as our work or social circle, and a life of convenience, are all part of our ego story, at some level. Even poverty consciousness relies on the concept of money.

I hear people talk about economic recovery like it’s the only option. I even catch myself wondering how I will survive without income. Then I giggle, because the future is so much brighter than the past. To get there with grace and ease, we need to be open to the unknown. I don’t have any details, just a warm feeling about what’s next.

To allow the new, the old must come to an end. As we have been told for a couple of years, the ego structures are no longer supported. Most of us are excited about the ending of human trafficking and corruption, but financial collapse is just too personal to be comfortable. We have been indoctrinated to be the extreme of self-reliance and independence. Now, it is all about Unity Consciousness and personal responsibility. Humans are designed to be tribal. Children naturally want to help. We are returning to our natural state, which means leaving the confines of learned behavior.

If this thought is overwhelming, just think of Star Trek. It’s hard to imagine an unknown, but luckily, we have a bit of a template. On this show, they have a society that doesn’t use money. Everyone is fed, clothed, and doing what they are naturally good at. When someone falls into addiction or irresponsible behavior, they are sent to counseling, not jail. They have fewer ways to check-out mentally, and less need for it. This is closer to the natural state of humans.

So many have been pushing for freedom, without actually considering what that looks like. In the end, this will be a beautiful shift in humanity. This is the dawn of the freedom of human potential. But it won’t look anything like the old paradigm. Reconsider the structures of power hierarchy (government, religion, money), and think what true freedom will do to them. We can’t be free, and be slaves at the same time.

Remember that our true needs have been falsely entangled with money. The Earth provides food, water, and air free of charge. I am well aware that there will be an adjustment period while we distance ourselves from city living and a consumer-based economy, but let’s keep our eye on the new. Wishing things would “just return to normal” will just bring undue stress. The energy structures have changed. We will have a new normal.

On a personal note, I fully understand what I’m asking. At 28, I was a commercial pilot, then I started having balance issues. After 6 months of testing, I was diagnosed with hereditary ataxia, confirmed with gene testing. This degenerative neurological condition cost me my career, and eventually my mobility and my income base. Now, I am in a wheelchair, and living on disability income. I’ve been through all this before, so I can tell you from experience, something better is waiting on the other side of this. I can also tell you it is a complete waste of time and energy to wish for the old. Focus on the new, and keep going.

Also remember the internet is a training ground for telepathy. You have the ability to check on your loved one without social media. Practice this. Close your eyes, focus on the person, and feel whatever you feel. Then you can validate your reaction with an email or text. You and also connect with your Guides, Higher Self, and Human Heart Grid (the new humanity). This is all available to you at any point, no wifi needed.

Human potential is much greater than an economic system. Freedom in the unknown is preferable to the struggle of the past. This will all be worth it. Stay present. Walk in the sun. Sing out loud. We are built for this. We are making history… We are making the shift to true freedom.


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