Stability and Balance

Keep shining, make self-care a priority, and keep your focus on building the new. Lately, I have seen many on this spiritual path slip into both polarities – denial and fear. Stop focusing on fear, while maintaining safety protocols. It’s probably best to define what I mean, by using example of what not to do.

Focusing on the new is NOT magical thinking. Magical thinking is just denial… “I’m thinking good thoughts, so I’ll be fine.” Good thoughts are usually an avoidance to really doing the inner work required to raise your vibration. Good thoughts come naturally after your inner work is dealt with, and need no special effort.

Staying informed is NOT living in fear. The best antidote to fear is actual facts. Unfortunately, facts about this virus are usually buried in the drama, and twisted for emotional response, at least on social media. If learning more about it makes you scared, then the actual facts are missing. Stop spreading the fear.

Judging others for their reaction is NOT proof you are taking it more seriously. Just because some are taking this time to practice being present, doesn’t mean they aren’t doing all they can. Just because someone is jumping up and down yelling about people not wearing masks, doesn’t make them more proactive. Judgement is a form of fear. Discernment is a personal practice.

Again, revisit your thoughts on death and grieving. Many people planned to leave the planet at this time. It wasn’t bad luck or not following protocol, it was an exit opportunity and they took it. If I die this year, I don’t want anyone saying it was some kind of tragedy. If you die, how do you want to be remembered? Do that. Live your life, even within your home.

While practicing safety protocols, keep returning to Love and Service. I personally feel best sitting outside in the sun, admiring the beauty of nature. If your entire day is spent staring at a screen, it may be time to reevaluate. What happens when the internet stops? If you think you are just biding your time until all goes back to normal, you may be in for a shock. We will have a new normal.

How are you of service to the whole? If you don’t know, start with your own inner work. There is no end to personal development, so you’ll never get bored. What can you do every day to bring in more love? This is a solo mission. Opening your heart doesn’t require others. Find a way, every single day, to create your own stability and balance. We are the ones we have been waiting for.


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