Resurrection Reset

Welcome back, Humanity! It has been a long, dark slumber, but now the resurrection of our original template is here. Yippee! Many of us have been waiting decades for this moment in the timeline. It’s why we came here. In the midst of this pandemic, we see the budding of the tree of life. It’s an amazing view from above!

Now is the time to reset. Not to start new projects, or make new goals, but reset to being. Just be. Appreciate nature. Draw pictures. Love on your pets. Center in the heart, and just be. Feel the gratitude. Feel the love. You are exactly where you need to be. Rest and appreciate.

For me, I am resetting my physical body with a water fast. Maybe some could use a television fast, or social media fast. The point here is to step back from habit, and allow the codes to activate. This process is more about allowing, than doing. Just give yourself a break from whatever is taxing the system, and let the new energy in.

Being outside is key, even for a few minutes. Step outside, feel your heartbeat, connect with Gaia, connect with the Sun, and breathe deeply. Breathe in from Earth & Sun, breathe out through every cell in your body. Out with the old, in with the new. Invite the codes to activate… “I command and decree that my Divine DNA now activates, to the highest level by physical body can integrate with grace and ease. I choose my highest trajectory for the greatest good.”

Once you rise above the clammer of the outer world, it’s a state of bliss. There are many multidimensional levels of activity going on, but no one seems rushed or panicked (yes, I’ve seen them panic before). This feels like a well orchestrated shift. Everything is going as planned. Remember this as the year progresses. This is just the beginning, but as the old leaves, the new grows.

Don’t waste your time on blame and fear. Look at what’s really happening. This is about freedom, not punishment and justice. Leave that to the higher pay grades. Enjoy the freedom we are entering. This freedom will spread, tearing down old systems of control. Ignore the dying grasp for illusory power. It won’t work. Ego structures are no longer supported.

Bask in the freedom. Bask in the Sun. A new day is dawning. Remember who you are. Reset to the New Earth.


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