Feeling the Flow

Well, I had a lot to say, but it seems the energy forecast, 2020 – First Steps, pretty much covers it. Please read that again HERE.

Feel into the flow of life. Feel it in your body. If you’re one of those people who ignores the body, life will become more chaotic. Learn to be present with yourself. Not your thoughts, or your personal work, but your physical self. Being present with yourself on all levels is important, but be sure you check-in with your body several times a day.

Your intuition is about to be physically loud, and if you already have a relationship with the body, it will be a beautiful gift. If not, it may be a bit jarring. Listen to your body. Talk to your body. Be sure your inner voice is kind to your body. Your body is host to your Higher Mind. It works hard for you. Say thanks, everyday.

Instead of “seeing” down timelines, we are moving to deep feeling of the present moment. If your body says rest, then rest. If your body says sing and dance, then sing and dance. If you feel unreasonably bad about a person or situation, trust that feeling. Your body doesn’t lie, nor will it be easily ignored. Learn to let the body lead; it knows where we’re going.

DNA is activating. We’re built for this. Feel it, and flow.


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