Willful Release

We have all heard that there are new frequencies available to all willing hearts. I imagine your inner dialog is similar to mine: Yes! Of course I’m willing to shift! Who wouldn’t want to evolve towards a loving future? But it’s never that simple, is it? We usually want to keep everything we have, and just add more goodness to it. That may be problematic.

All the old mental structures must go, in order to build the new. Notice I said “mental structures“. This is a total change of mind. Thinking as a child, learning it all from scratch. What is money? Religion? Government? Laws? Work? Relationships? Death? Love? It’s time to release our old ways of thinking. All of them. We are ready to be truly free, but we must reevaluate and release these structures on purpose.

This isn’t about taking action in your outer world, only in your mind. No one is suggesting you quite your job, leave your spouse, and abandon your children. However, we are being asked to reexamine our attachment to suffering, and codependency. Which stories in your life bring you suffering or fear? Is martyrdom glorified in any of your stories? What if the situation remained the same, but your inner story changed? What if you had stories that supported your freedom?

This reevaluation may end in outer changes, as all inner changes do, but the focus is on our inner world. The future is too expansive to even get my future-oriented mind around, so the only way to prepare is to get my thoughts in order. We are preparing for another leap in consciousness, so it is best to travel light. Everyone will get there in their own time, and it is just fear and codependency that keeps us attached to certain people. It’s a leap of faith to trust in the process. We were built for this.

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