* Anchors *

Shout out to those anchoring in the new reality. I know we all are, but some of us do it as a day job. After years of personal inner work, the focus becomes larger. It’s a whole new level of service to the collective, and sometimes it isn’t easy.

I am happy to see so many new way-showers on the scene, pointing out the importance of choice and shadow work. That is an essential step, and it’s encouraging to see so many doing their work. I am writing this now because none of what’s out there seems to speak to me. Since you are another me, this post is for us. We aren’t alone.

We all know that shadow work and personal development is unending. That said, there comes a time when the focus moves from personal work to mastery. You know this shift has occurred when your personal happiness becomes second to something larger. When you know your happiness is tied to the lifting of the collective vibration. It’s a different kind of work, but some days it’s still tough.

The week of November 11-17 gave us a massive influx of light, bringing all kinds of stuff to the surface. While my world was shaken (adventures in plumbing, and other things) I was able to handle it all easily, because the vibe was so high. The lower density made up for the seemingly endless problems arising. On November 18 the energy fell back to normal. That’s been much harder on me than the intensity. Feels like an energy hangover.

The 3D folks are opposite. The higher the vibe, the worse they feel. I understand this lull is a much needed break for them. It’s necessary to gradually increase the vibe, by bringing it up high, then dropping down to a little higher than it was before. This ratcheting of the energy allows for minimum suffering, and maximum awakenings. Dropping back down is always hard for me.

So, if you are one of those sensitive souls who feel more at home in the higher realms, just know you aren’t alone. I can choose how to frame it, and what to dwell on, but feeling it… feeling it just happens. Yesterday (Nov 20) we had major geomagnetic shifts, which always make me queasy. I didn’t make myself sick by thinking or doing the wrong thing, I can just feel things like that. It’s an actual job to feel things on this level.

We anchor these energies by being consciously aware of how they feel in the body. Maybe at some point it will be a choice to stay at the lower density. Right now, for me, I am feeling it all. Movement helps. Breath-work helps. So far, nothing stops it entirely. Some days are blissful, some days are tough. All I know for sure is that I’m not alone on the planet, and we are supported by a massive invisible team. We were built for this. Thank you for your service.


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3 Responses to * Anchors *

  1. Thank you, NathaJay, Sister in light. I can relate, especially with regard to the plumbing!

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  2. NathaJay says:

    It’s kinda funny we both had plumbing issues!


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