Well, This Is Fun

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We really need a font reserved for sarcasm. I feel the dark, sarcastic side of my Scorpio humor is lost in the written word. Probably for the best.

I’m not having any fun at all. The timelines are collapsing so fast I feel nauseous and scared. I never feel scared. Fear and I don’t usually have a relationship beyond an occasional nod. The weather is joining in this circus with wind so strong it could rip away a whole reality. In fact, I think it is. Gaia herself is shifting into a different timeline, and the whole Elemental kingdom is making way. Fanfare and fear. Lovely.

I do have the strong feeling this will pass soon, and we will all be walking a slightly (or greatly) different path. I know that this is just the in-between phase of becoming. I have moved through this part several times on my individual journey, but it’s much more impressive as a collective… and as a planet. I suspect we’ll be doing this again at the next eclipse gateway this fall.

This note is just to let you know you aren’t alone. Even those of us who do this anchoring bit on a regular basis are having a rough go of it right now. The incoming energy is intense and insistent. No more ignoring stuff. The alarm clock went off years ago, and those who insisted on staying asleep now get the bucket of cold water poured on their heads. Of course, those anchoring this energy get to feel it.

There are breaks built-in. Yesterday, I spent several hours floating in bliss, before being pummeled again. Physically, I feel much healing and many changes. I have a lot of hip pain, and what feels like new glands around my hips, ribs, and pelvis. My nervous system is doing amazingly well, and I feel a second (etheric) heart, which has been intermittent since 2017. Brain fog and clarity come and go. My current coping mechanism is audio books. Being read to is quite calming. Sandra Walter has a great YouTube video about coping with this energy.

I’m enjoying the breaks, wondering at the physical changes, and mostly bracing for impact as each new wave hits. I would imagine that my personal trials will be over about the time this really starts to affect the world stage. Probably a good summer to stay away from the news and get outside. Feel the Earth. She feels like She is being freed from a long dormant period. This is what we came for (though I have to question our sanity). Feels like a “hold my beer…” kind of moment. But still, I’m quite sure we’ve got this!

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6 Responses to Well, This Is Fun

  1. astrobuss says:

    Thanks for Enduring the Front Lines! It’s a Great Blessing for the rest of us, and we *really* appreciate your Service!
    Much Love, Jim

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  2. Carol says:


    So good to hear I’m not the only one.

    Been nauseous/fear & anxiety filled…comes and goes..body not feeling safe right now.
    And Brain Fog…walking in circles…and feeling like I’m about to jump out of my skin…plus the physical aches/oddities too…
    and some feelings like I’m at the edge of a precipice (sp?)..about to go over the edge.

    Some YouTube meditations/activations seem to help get grounded & centered again.

    Wild ride we volunteered for!

    Again..thank you for sharing your experiences..in Light

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  3. Annette says:

    Thank you Natha, so good to know I’m not alone!!
    A crazy ride indeed, and I’m exhausted, yet like you said “I’m quite sure we’ve got this”.

    You hang in there!!

    Love and Light♥️💫

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  4. NathaJay says:

    Love & Light to you, as well!


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