* Subtle Clarity *

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As we venture toward 2021, thing are starting to come into focus a bit. Gentle waves of awareness are washing over us, leaving little room for old perceptions. It’s a very comforting feeling for me… reminds me of home. Not a planetary physical home, but the vibration I consider home. For me, this shift has been quite lovely. For some, I’m sure the shift in perception has been more like a noisy alarm clock, abruptly disturbing a dream.

Things that seemed a bit far out there for me, now seem totally normal. It makes me think, “Why did I ever question it? Of course it’s the perfect thing!” One personal example is that I relocated this year, and decided this would be a “dry house” (no alcohol, even for visitors). I want to be accommodating to guests, and I don’t want to judge people’s choices, so I used to let people drink whatever they want. Even though I don’t drink, I would even have a bottle of wine around in case it was wanted. When I made the shift to a dry house it wasn’t easy. Most people drink.

Now, after nearly a year with my new rule, I can’t imagine living without it. My senses are more refined, and I am at such peace. It feels more like giving my friends an opportunity to take a little vacation from consumption. All of us are healthier and more grounded. Why did I ever question it? Probably because the first steps in a new direction always feel weird. Change will become more normalized, as we continue to evolve at this accelerated pace.

Part of my own clarity involves the very idea of change. I keep hearing a phrase I used as a flight instructor – fly it all the way to the ground. You see, when people are learning to land a plane, many of them actively fly (change control inputs) until the last few feet, then they just hold whatever they have. This usually results in a hard landing. Fly it all the way down just means keep changing the controls until you are no longer airborne. Keep changing, keep evolving, keep the energy moving for your entire life. Forget about the journey vs. the destination – it’s all journey. Everything is either growing or decaying. You get to choose how much evolution you invite into your life.

Each new clarity brings a warm, cozy wave of peace and gratitude. Some of these gentle epiphanies have to circle back more than once, because I revert into old story lines. Others take only once to hit home, and change my worldview. I always try to hang on the the new perspectives, because I know they are the whispers of my future self. It’s best not to argue with reality, or the future…

My advise is to write your insights down, and revisit them after the Solstice (December 21). Plan on old stories dissolving rapidly in the next month, and 2021 leaving no stone unturned. I hope we can all get to a place where change is good, and personal evolution is normal.


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