* As Above, So Below *

As I have mentioned before, all physical reality is one thing. This is different than the unity consciousness now developing; this is about physical matter. In my Merkaba classes I use a sheet of cloth to explain. Spread out the cloth over your hands, then use your fingers to poke up little mounds. One mound is a car, another a mountain, another a bird, another a person… everything is formed out of the same cloth. This includes all physicality, even planets and stars.

Someone said (can’t remember who) that believing in astrology was like believing in French. Either you understand it or you don’t , but it’s still a language. The planets don’t cause the road to wind, they simply reflect it. It’s just easier to see the road on a map, rather than finding your way as you go. Life is like a ‘can’t see the forest for the trees’ situation. Astrology allows enough distance to see the path we’re on.

Iridology is a healing modality that maps the marks on the iris to find imbalances in the organs. Reflexology uses tightness on the feet for the same purpose. Neither of them imply a cause and effect relationship, they simply use a more accessible system to locate an issue in the body. Why? Because it’s all one system. And it’s so much easier to identify an organ issue by rubbing your feet or looking at your eyes, than to open you up to examine the organ directly.

With all the astrological alignments happening this month, it seemed a good time to talk more broadly about what’s really going on. The astrology is just a reflection of the inner work we’re doing at this point. It is showing us where we are on this path. It is a road map. Even when we feel lost, we can always look above us at the beautiful display of direction.

Side note of a twisted mind – for several years now I’ve noticed that it is overcast during these big planetary events. Now that I live away from the city, I see heavy chemtrail activity the day before the clouds. I giggle at the possibility that “they” are trying to block the energies. Silly humans! Many of us (millions, by now) are consciously acting as mini-stargates, flooding these energies though our bodies. Can’t get outside to see the stars? No worries, the shift is everywhere. It can’t be blocked.

Our consciousness will eventually be able to grasp the unity we hold, even on a physical level. Until then, just know that everyone incarnate at the moment is being rocked with the same energies. The planets are seen by all, so it is a map for all. To figure out where the energy is headed just look up at the map. As above, so below.


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