* Dreaming Reality *

It used to feel like the physical world was more real and solid, and sleeping let me dream my way home. Now it feels like the physical world is a lucid dream. Physical reality is happening in that space where you just begin to fall asleep or just begin to wake up. It’s in the twilight space. The space of shifting consciousness, between sleep and waking. Lucid dreaming is just holding that state during all of your dreamtime.

We can now practice our lucid dreaming while awake. We can act as the observer, and change the course of the dream. If you aren’t there yet, it’s coming. I’m not special, just early. To be effective in this space, as with lucid dreaming, there are a few guidelines. In the observer mind, there is no judgement or fear. Human attachment is based on judgement and fear. Detaching from the story is essential to changing it. Anything you attach to through fear will continue to replay. Focus on the feeling, not the details. Focus on what you do want (expansive), not what you don’t want (restrictive). Please read about the new way to manifest (click here) for more details.

We all build the walls to our own prisons. We pick a story line, then build walls around us and our story to keep us together no matter what. This “pick” usually happens subconsciously, and may involve trauma. Are you willing to release your old story? Are you willing to redefine your whole worldview? If you have spent your whole life with a standing belief (like life is hard), can you step out of the comfort of the known? A new life awaits, beyond that belief.

This may be as easy as a light switch, or it may take a little practice. Stay light and gentle about it. When you fall into the old thinking, just giggle a bit about forgetting, then redirect your thoughts. Lucid dreaming is that way for me. It takes practice and persistence. After all, you’re changing a whole lifetime of practicing the old way. Be kind and encouraging to yourself. Think of it as changing a recurring dream… because that’s what’s happening.

Be sure to spend some time daydreaming about your perfect life. No worrying about how it will happen, or what’s realistic. Dream big. Break as many barriers as you can. Remember, we set our own boundaries in dreams. For some of you, maybe dream of living without doubt. Faith is just trust in life’s path. You got this – I have faith. Dream yourself a new reality.


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