Goodbye 2020

New Year 2021 replace 2020 on the sea beach summer concept

I always spend a couple weeks gathering the lessons I learned from the last year. I know 2020 was really hard for many, so I remind you that I run a bit ahead of schedule. For me, 2020 was full of freedom, liberation, and hope. This was the year I learned to trust in life completely – true faith. I strongly recommend everyone do a yearly review each year. You may be amazed at how much you have learned and grown. Here are a few of my 2020 lessons…

Timing is everything. Following my intuition gives me great timing.
I am supported. Always.
Magnetizing is the only way for me to manifest. And it’s fun to see who shows up.
Growth requires change.
The only things I need to control are which thoughts I dwell on.
Sometimes lessons aren’t about me, but I’m still involved. Holding space is a service.
Turns out a good roommate situation can be more supportive than a partner.
Supporting community supports me.
So far, I do best when I am alone, but together. Single, but in community.
The idea that independence is success is just an outdated concept of privilege.
Life was never meant to be lived as an island.
People are exactly as powerful as they allow themselves to be. (Or as happy, or as abundant, or as free, etc.)
Houses have needs, just like a living being.
Judgement is just fear wrapped in opinion.
We all build our own prisons and limitations out of our judgements.
Being fully supported lets me relax and grow.
Being fully loved lets me relax and heal.
Being around positive people feels expansive. Negativity feels constrictive.
Love doesn’t judge. Embodying love requires releasing all judgement.
Faith is a vibration. I can now hold this vibration.
While many are afraid to die, many more are afraid to live.
I have never been afraid to die, and I am no longer afraid to live.
Truth is usually a paradox on this plane of existence.
Struggle is a gift, suffering can become grace, and a broken heart is where the light enters. We keep breaking our own hearts, until we hold enough light to see our path.
My mental meditations have moved to physical integration.
The new template for the Divine Masculine takes my breath away.
Being fully seen on an energetic level is both beautiful and terrifying.
I am (almost) ready for this new level of intimacy.
Life is living through me.
With a heart of love, and a focus of service, the world moves.
I am blessed to walk this unique path.

2021 holds so much possibility for all. Please visit the energy forecast for 2021 – Year of Revelation & Realignment. I am looking forward to our spiritual progress, and many more amazing lessons. Happy New Year!


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