* Personal Sovereignty *

Sovereignty, autonomy, freedom. These words are used quite a bit in spiritual circles, of late. We generally associate these word with doing something in the outer world… freedom of speech, freedom to travel, enough abundance and support to do and have what we want when we want. Lots of stuff, and lots of doing. What if the attachment to ‘stuff’ and ‘doing’ is actually what is blocking the freedom from manifesting? As with all outer conditions, personal sovereignty begins within. As the song lyrics tell us, free your mind, the rest will follow.

We have been living this life upside-down. We think what is outside us is real, and we let circumstance dictate what we think and feel. We are now awakening to the fact that this is backwards. Clear up your inner world, and the outer must comply. We live in our own fractal reality, and you get to change the shape of your own expression. Yes, it really is that simple, but the change has to be total. Positive thinking is irrelevant if it is wrapped in a negative inner dialog. Mind your mind.

In my experience, people are as powerful as they allow themselves to be. Are you a human having spiritual experiences, or are you a spiritual being having human experiences? Or are you a creator god in training? You can see how a fundamental shift in your perspective would also change your inner dialog. Spend some time pondering how you view yourself, truly and consistently. Consistency is the key. I know many who think of themselves as spiritual beings when they are asked, but then magically forget that fact when something challenging happens. Their reactions become overwhelmingly unconscious.

This isn’t to say we don’t all slide into forgetfulness from time to time. The key is how long you stay there. More specifically, how long you let yourself stay there. This is why it is crucial to know yourself well, and know when you are dwelling on thoughts that do not serve your highest good. This is why a clear and focused mind is essential. The mind creates your reality. While emotions just happen, the stories we attach to them are chosen. Choose wisely.

I feel I must say a bit about drugs. While social drinking and drug use is a common (though unproductive) occurrence, many in spiritual circles also promote psychedelics to offer an open and clear mind. While they can be helpful to start the process of introspection, eventually they need to be left behind. Why? Because conscious creation requires being fully present and fully aware. Personal sovereignty requires leaving outer attachment, even to plant medicine. Continue your path from where you are, but know that true freedom stems from the unaltered mind. It wouldn’t be freedom if it required an outside agent.

I must also say that excessive willpower is as damaging as none at all. They are two sides of the same victim mentality coin. Both over-control and under-control are about to get really tough. Willpower ignites the lower magic of the ego. Mental mastery directs the magic of creation. Both are needed to bridge the worlds (dimensions). Depending solely on willpower is no longer supported, as the ego structures fall. If you feel like you are forcing something into being, please stop. The only thing you need to have rigorous discipline with is your own mind.

You are a multidimensional being. You will get input from your body, your ego, and your intuition. Using your Higher Mind, you can make win-win decisions, for all your aspects. I have never believed the ego is an enemy, it just shouldn’t be in charge. You have all you need to be free. Maybe that’s the whole point of the game. Maybe we are here to rediscover our personal sovereignty.


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