* My Brother’s Keeper *

Unity Consciousness is making great strides. We are starting to find practical proof of our oneness. Have you been noticing more synchronicity lately? Have things been falling apart, only to rearrange in a better way. Almost like the Universe has your back. And so it does.

I have been dipping my toes in collective consciousness for almost forty years. I started using it to pass tests in middle school. If I didn’t know the answer, someone else would. It worked. This gives me direct experience of our unity, and it’s right there for each to use. Granted, passing tests was fairly selfish and mundane, but it gave me a foundation in practical experience, nonetheless. In the last several years I’ve applied that basic foundation to distance energy work, both for individuals and the collective. Point is, I know it’s real (grades to prove it).

The current shift is bringing that connection to the forefront. It’s popular in spiritual circles to talk about unity consciousness, without any real knowledge or personal accountability. This is understandable, after spending a whole life as a separate individual. The good news is you are now gaining access to an amazing support system. The better news is that you help create this system with every action.

I have limited mobility due to a neurological issue. For years I have asked friends to think of me before (or during) times of movement, like going for a walk. Only recently have I been able to feel that connection, and my nervous system responds to their movement. This is a really big deal, and so exciting! It shows that the collective consciousness is ready to support this kind of experience. It shows that matter responds. I am aware that many have felt this level of unity coming. I’m just a mad scientist at heart, and love physical data.

This is yet another reason to treat your body as a temple, and keep your mind clear. We all contribute to the collective experience, but those with clarity and focus have a bit more influence. Yes, the addict shooting up heroine adds that to the whole, but the monk in meditation adds more. Not as a matter of good and bad, but simply focused intent. A focused mind is powerful. Entering an altered state with a clear mind is simply a different experience than entering through substances.

And just to be clear, this unity stuff starts in 5D, which is above politics and religion. It is beyond any personal belief system, beyond ego. No one can weaponize it, because you can’t even get there holding thoughts of manipulation. This is High Magic (for the magic crowd), and unconditional love is required to steer this thing.

If you are in need of any kind of support, you can tap into the collective. It’s like Google, but better. It’s like no other kind of support system. You can access it anytime. You can download anyone’s lessons. We are here for each other in so many amazing ways. And you are here for the collective, as well. You are a piece to someone’s puzzle. Your experiences add to the collective strength.

For conscious creators – game on! Let’s build the New Earth together. We are there for each other every time we are there for ourselves. Self-care and self-love contribute to the whole. Every time we make a breakthrough, we see it mirrored in our soul family. Focus on Love, and let everything else go. You got this!

Funky side effect: Not everything you think or feel is yours. You still get full accountability for your words and deeds, though. Just really spend some time with things before you speak or act. You can’t un-ring a bell. Thoughts may not be your own. Feelings may not be your own. If a thought or feeling seem unfamiliar, let them pass. No need to get attached to random energies.

So, I thank you, dear reader, for showing up to your life. I thank you for all the lessons you have lived. And I thank you for consciously creating our future with me.


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