Be Still – Energy Update

The current energies are so strange. I have felt this kind of stillness before, but never for so long. Usually, when we skip timelines, things get still for a few hours. This time, for me it came to a stop this past weekend (Feb. 6-7), and it’s still stopped. It feels like operating outside of time. It also feels very isolated, even though I am still seeing and talking to people. Disconcerting.

I have gotten into a rhythm of letting my body lead the way. I ask it what it needs next, it tells me, and I do it. All it has said for these past few days is, “Be gentle.” When I check-in with my guides, things look busy up there, but all they say is to be still. For me, this is not just physical stillness, but mental also. I have a tendency to project an intention, and follow through with action. I’m always doing something, even if it looks like sitting still and meditating. I have been told to stop that, for now. In fact, it is better to keep moving physically, than to keep creating mentally. At least for me.

From what I can tell, we are being realigned with our true path. We can do this the easy way by not creating busy work, and waiting to see where we land. We can do this the hard way by investing in timelines that may crumble soon. Either way, we will end up where we need to be by the end of the year. Easy or hard, that’s up to you.

I feel like things will be considerably clearer by February 17. Until then, don’t make big decisions if you don’t have to. If you must focus your mental energy, focus on world peace or unconditional love or something less personal like that, so your own timeline can fall where it needs to. Your own Higher Self is moving the pieces right now. Let it happen. You only want what’s best for you.

You aren’t alone. It’s weird out there right now. If you can keep your gaze soft, and stay out of worry, it’s kind of exciting to feel the whole world stop and redirect. I wonder where we’ll end up…


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