Earth Quarantine Lifted

This has nothing to do with the pandemic. Our planet has been on galactic quarantine for a very long time. It has finally been lifted. I have been watching the shield dissolve for about a week, not really understanding what was going on. It looked like the scene from the last Harry Potter movie, when the energetic shield around the castle breaks down. I was a bit disturbed by this at first, but what was left was beautiful. The clarity of the human heart grid is stunning!

Clarity and community are what’s left. My visions in meditation are as vivid as they have ever been. I am being guided towards my next steps on this winding path, with complete trust. I also feel very close to both my ancestors, and my multidimensional team. This sense of community goes far beyond earthly connections.

On a physical level, it’s a bit challenging. Dizziness and nausea accompany the magnetic shifts. Heart palpitations and headaches signal a flood of new DNA codes. The ringing in my ears keeps changing tone and sides. Emotionally, it is a swing between anxiety and bliss, all the while knowing everything is in perfect order. Much release of the past, and entering a future life of service to the whole. Mentally, it’s hard to focus, as thoughts zip by without taking hold. So much information on so many levels. Integration takes most of my time. Crazy and surreal.

We have finally entered the bigger reality. If you are feeling the growing pains of embodiment, you aren’t alone. The best thing to do is relax into it. Let the current carry you to whatever distant shore it has planned for your path. Rest. Follow your intuition. Take a few baby steps in the direction you’re guided. Be gentle with yourself and others.

Not everyone is making this leap right now, and that’s okay. Let people be where they are, and grow anyway. Your growth helps the whole, and you are needed. At the same time, remember you are not alone. So many of us are now stepping into our full potential, and we are together on the inner-net. Connect with the heart grid, and feel the miracle unfold. We all appreciate you!

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