Creation Zone

As we near the start of the full energies of 2021, we begin to see the possibilities. Generally, a year begins to form around fall equinox the year before, hits full swing from spring equinox to fall equinox, then begins to meld with the next year. 2021, the year of revelation and realignment, is nearing the start of its most potent time. This is so exciting! At least for those who have done some inner work to align with their true self, rather than accept their conditioning as real.

Even though we have had to “make things happen” in the past, we are now in full co-creation mode. It used to be necessary to use our personal will to drive the whole machine. It was like wading through mud. The energy got lighter in 2017, and now it is actually enough like home to be fun. When I say “the energy got lighter” I mean the set-point of the vibration got higher. This is great if you have some recollection of the vibration you came from. This is chaos if you identify with the illusion – structures of victimization and false authority. If you are having a really rough time right now, seek the guidance you need to release the old codes, conditioning, and timelines. Talk to a friend, or counselor. Start a spiritual practice. Take a class. There are many options out there, and now is the time to seek them out.

Creation has always had two parts – free will and grand design (pre-life plan). In the past, free-will, personal drive, and discipline were the way to achieve goals on planet Earth. Now, the energetic landscape has changed. Free will still plays a part, but listening has become more powerful than forcing. We still need to take action in small ways, but only when guided to do so. These baby steps are paying off in leaps and bounds. Lots of results with small actions.

If we view life as a workout regimen, it used to take an hour of cardio and an hour of lifting weights everyday to stay in shape. Now, it’s more like ten minutes of each, followed by twenty minutes of sitting still, consciously integrating the work. Feeling every cell adapt to the input. Thanking the body for its ability to become what you envision. Very different template to work with.

Some of this has to do with the refinement of the energetic pallet. Let’s look at this through healing modalities. If a person has a diet of fast food, soda, and processed sugar, then they are pretty disconnected from their body. Subtle healing techniques probably won’t be helpful, and pharmaceuticals from Western medicine may be the best option. If a person eats only organic whole food and clean water, they are more likely to have an awareness of their body. Western medicine may feel like a sledge hammer, and do more harm than good. As you refine your energy, more subtle inputs make a noticeable change. Only you know where you are on that sliding scale.

Please note their is nothing “wrong” with either. Just know where you are, and act accordingly. For those who have been detoxing (both physically and emotionally) for a few years, get ready to receive the new codes. For those that haven’t, the new codes are coming anyway, so be prepared for the old to come spilling out. If you have friends or family that are really having a hard time adjusting, please be compassionate. Help them find the help they need. I can’t even imaging doing the inner work of the past decade in a couple of years. Ouch.

Timing is a big part of what’s happening. If you are in line with the timing of your own soul path, things just flow. If you are out of your timing, things are a struggle. If anything in your life seems like a lot of work, just stop. It may be the wrong direction or the wrong time. Conversely, things that didn’t work before may have the fresh energy to start again, and stick this time. I’ve had health issues for a couple decades now, which have stubbornly refused to shift. What didn’t work before is now working. Same stuff, just different timing. Be willing to try again, at any point.

Here are a few things that seem to be helping me the most right now:
Busy Mind Means Integration Is Needed – If I can’t focus, and have too many thoughts flying around, it means I need to lie down and breathe. It usually takes twenty minutes of just being present with my body for my mind to settle on my next task.
Nature Heals Everything – The Elemental Kingdom is wide awake out there, and if asked, they are happy to help. Sunshine is my personal favorite, but call on what you need.
Bach Flower Remedies – This stuff is magic in a bottle. I use Chicory to help me let go of the old.
Breath Work – Any kind of intentional breathing. Breathe on purpose.
Chanting or Singing – Use your voice. Sing yourself into being. I feel like the vocal vibrations help integrate the energies into the body.
When Nothing Flows, Relax – Timing is everything right now. When things flow for a while, and then just stop, I am waiting for the right timing to catch up to me. No need to push or worry, just relax and read a book.
Ask the Body – Before I begin anything I ask the body what it needs. When I get a clear answer, I do the thing. When I get a blank, I go through a couple options, and do whatever feels best. The body is my ally and guide.

The energy is amazing out there right now, but also very intense. Anything done out of ego or conditioning will meet a swift end. Following your soul path will bring results quickly. Hoping you find much joy in this miracle time. Game on!

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