Creation & Creativity

Thoughts about creating a new world. Even more important today than when this was first shared. Enjoy!

Walking In Both Worlds

I wrote this piece for my next book, but it keeps ringing in my head. Apparently, it wants to be shared now. Please note that ALL the chakras are equal, and need to be open for proper health and functioning. This is just my observation of the extreme emphasis some put on the sacral (2nd).

When we think about creativity, we automatically envision painting or singing or dancing or some other form of art. The word “creation” might smack with Divinity, or some origin story. In the spiritual community, creativity is generally associated with the sacral (2nd) chakra, along with sex, and some muddy darkness that can’t quite be defined. I want to take you on a journey of possibility, to reconsider these ideas. As usual, take what’s helpful, and leave the rest.

Unconscious creation is how nature exists. Growing a baby doesn’t take conscious thought, it just happens. Plants…

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