Praise Ganesha

Has it been feeling a lot like Mercury is in retrograde? Plans getting changed? People from the past contacting you? It’s not Mercury, it’s that 2021 is showing us what it’s here to do. As 2021 the year of revelation and realignment really enters full-swing, we can see the changes happening before our eyes.

In Hinduism, the elephant-head deity called Ganesha is responsible for putting small obstacles in your path. Why would bringing obstacles be worthy of worship? Because the small obstacles keep you from running into big obstacles. Like hitting every red light on your commute, to make you late enough to avoid a collision. We are all being delayed and redirected for our greater good.

From a 3D perspective this can be maddening. More plans (and mental constructs) are falling apart than coming together. From a higher perspective it’s all very exciting. It feels like the last push to birth this 5D baby. This new reality won’t be fully in place for a bit, but the final stages of delivery are upon us. It will be a much easier process if we loosen our grip on reality. Whenever life gets disrupted, praise Ganesha. It really does help to turn the frustration into gratitude.

This year, the incoming Light has dramatically increased. New codes, new geometries, breaking down the illusion. The only time this is really tough is when we find ourselves deeply attached to that illusion. Sometime we store old illusion programs in our body, which can cause a physical release, in the form of illness. Still, the old must go, and if we encourage it to do so, it will dissolve quickly.

This new Light anchors in the body. Much of the clearing we will see in April is preparing the vessel. Do whatever you need to do to support the body. This new Light brings the lightbody more into form. These new codes not only update the carbon DNA, but also bring new energetics to the lightbody. Have you noticed a shift in your organs or glands? You aren’t alone. Even new organs and glands are presenting in lightbody form. This can also cause growing pains in the physical body. Be gentle with yourself.

Detox as much as you can with diet changes. Don’t overindulge, avoid processed foods and added sugars. You will find the cleaner your diet, the more peaceful you feel. This is a physical ascension process, and your body is already working overtime to make it happen. Showing your body the respect and support it deserves may mean making changes to your diet and other habits. Feel like moving? Do it. Feel like taking a nap? Do it. Listen to your body, not your habits.

It will only get more intense from here. Again, great if you have been preparing, not so great if you have been procrastinating. Check-in with your body regularly, and be willing to give it the support it needs. Your invisible team is always with you and happy to help whenever you ask, but you must ask (free will matters). You were built for this. This is why we came. You are loved and supported in ways you can’t even imagine. You got this!

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