* Pigeon Logic *

There was an experiment conducted with pigeons many decades ago by B.F. Skinner. The pigeons received food pellets at completely random intervals, but they were always trying to figure out what made the food appear. The birds would repeat any movement they made right before food was delivered, resulting in an intricate dance over time. Getting food was never tied to the actions of the birds, they only thought it was. They keep dancing because it was the way they made sense of the world. A way to give themselves a sense of control in their lives, even though it wasn’t real. Pigeon logic.

This gets trickier with humans. Free will and personal choice very much matter at the human level. You can choose to eat organic unprocessed food, or you can choose to live on pizza and ice cream. Your entire life experience will be different. Not right or wrong, just very different. We absolutely have options to change our lives, and it is entirely our own responsibility to make the changes we want. However… divine timing matters, also. A greater intelligence is at work in all our lives. Evolution happens without effort on our part.

I always believe free will is an important player in the human experience. In fact, I believe moving from conditioned response to conscious choice is the first big step that we call awakening. It can be a lengthy process to fully step into our personal power, but it is essential to our evolution. When one tries to skip it, it’s called spiritual bypassing. We are all on a hero’s journey, and we all have obstacles to overcome. We must utilize our free will choices to overcome adversity. That’s kind of the whole point. At least, on the human side.

On the evolutionary side, things are just changing, with complete disregard to our personal agenda. That’s just how evolution works. The new codes streaming into our bodies from the Sun won’t stop just because it may be personally inconvenient. This is an important piece of information for a couple of reasons… it’s happening no matter what, and it isn’t a matter of being deserving or doing the right thing. The whole planet is being flooded with this new Light. Period.

So what does this mean for free will? It means we can either align ourselves with the evolutionary current and ride this wave, or we can swim upstream to follow the ego desires. We definitely have a choice to make our lives either easier or harder. It’s about to get really beautiful flowing with evolution, or really obvious where we are stuck. Nothing you are doing is “wrong”, and the flow of grace is available (and given) to all, but the river only flows one way. We are no longer living in a pond, where moving in any direction was equal effort. Now, there will be an obvious easier way.

The other thing about free will is that we all have it. No matter how hard it is to watch a loved one make their own lives more difficult, we must respect their choices. You don’t need to stick around and watch the show in a front row seat, but you do need to let them choose their own path. This is just a temporary separation, to allow all to find their way to their own power. It’s also an excellent time to update our understanding of boundaries.

The point of the story is simply not to fall into pigeon logic. We are all worthy, and we are all receiving. Keep doing your part to stay in the flow of evolution, but no need for the dance of dogma. Being in the flow feels open, expansive, free, joyful, lighter. Swimming upstream, feels heavy, closed, contracted and obligatory. How do you feel inside? Forget old ideas of how things used to work for you in the past, and let yourself evolve. Mentally explore the feeling of different life options. As you develop this skill, you will know which path is in alignment with your own evolution. Don’t get mentally stuck in outdated stories. Allow evolution to happen.

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