* Zero Point *

Linear time is fading. Have you noticed? I can no longer find my way down timelines to see potential future outcomes, which has been a hobby of mine since childhood. There are too many things happening right now to allow for even an educated guess about the future. I can still see big picture stuff, but individual lines are a blur. So many options, so many choices! I feel like the world is moving around me, while I am at the still center. Zero point.

The thing no one tells you about the journey of ascension and embodiment is how hard it is to function in the “real world”. I still have to deal with linear time appointments. I still have to speak with neighbors who believe 3D is the point. I still have to deal with money. I am actually very fortunate, because my 3D dealings are minimal. My primary job is to embody these new frequencies, and my invisible team has done a great job creating space for that to happen.

Each of us is on a different path, and we are all being held by the hand at this point by our Higher Selves. I am in awe of the variety of writings about this time frame, and each of them is right, for a certain group. If you are super busy, that’s perfect. If you are exhausted, that’s perfect. If you are blissful or have relationships crashing down, that’s perfect, too. Be where you are without judgement. We are all changing, and becoming someone new. Let yourself change, at your own pace.

I can’t really tell you what’s happening with you, so I will describe what’s happening with me…

Time is perfectly still. People and situations still come and go, but everyday is exactly the right length. Everything gets done without hurry or stress. Time never drags. I really have a hard time keeping track of the details (not my old normal), but the big picture is in focus. Oddly, the details seem to be taking care of themselves. Everything seems easier than it ever has before.

Physically, I need to be laying flat a lot. I can feel old codes leaving my body, and new ones coming in. The type of food I want changes about twice a week. I have had a more varied diet in the past month than ever before in my life. I seem to be eating more for colors, and as medicine. Like I am building a new body. The ringing in my ears needs to be consciously heard. If I spend time talking with friends, when they leave I get all the tones I missed. It’s loud. My temperature comfort zone seems to have dropped 2-4 degrees. My feet are no longer consistently cold.

Emotionally, I am almost always in a state of bliss. Occasionally, emotion flows through me, so I let it flow and it leaves. Most times I don’t even know what it’s about. I assume it was just trapped at some point, and now it’s leaving. Part of the complete detox.

Mentally, I can’t even remember why I held on so tightly to stories of the past. It’s like seeing them from above – intricately woven, beautiful, and so so small. While I am excited to see who I am going to become, I am also greatly enjoying the process (also very unlike the old me). I am really understanding the power of presence.

As I float in this timeless space, I also know I am doing the work I came here for. The future is very bright, indeed. Witness your own journey, wherever you are on your path. Step out of your life for a moment to witness this transformation. Zero point is amazing.

Please feel free to explore and share the writings on this site. It’s free (donations appreciated), and it may be helpful to someone you know. Larger topics are listed as pages on the top (not blog posts on the side).

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2 Responses to * Zero Point *

  1. gratzite says:

    ” To endure to the end the rewards are exceeding great”, quoting from somewhere in the New Testament. Our experiences on The Way are so numerous and various in these Times of opportunity which occur infrequently, not again for another over 300 generations on this Earth.
    The minority who so engage determine the outcome of the present phase, and going well according to information.


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