* Subtle Awareness *

The ascension process marches on. As I said previously, timelines aren’t as they once were, so I can only relay my own experience. I’m not special, just early. I’m not even that early anymore, so many of my experiences are probably happening to you already, or they will soon. I am part of the first big wave. In marketing, early adopters. It’s about 20% of those on the path. This means any path to self-improvement. There is no specific right way.

The signals from my body are getting quieter, yet more definite. This seems paradoxical to me, but truth is usually a paradox. My diet continues to fluctuate, both in variety and amount. After years of working at 5D or higher, my focus has been mostly in 2D. I imagine this is due to the embodiment of higher frequencies. Embodiment really does change everything. For more information on the dimensions, I recommend “The Alchemy of the Nine Dimensions” by Barbara Hand Clow. She also gives two interviews on Open Minds, on Gaia TV.

Mentally and emotionally, I continue to drift further away from old attachments. I will have what used to be a normal reaction or response, and it feels like it is just a part I was playing. I have no connection to it anymore, and it feels obviously wrong for who I’m becoming, whoever that is. In my mind I try on different responses, like costumes, until I find one that fits better. It’s like the maladaptive coping skills have run their course, and aren’t connected to any power source anymore. It’s uncomfortable. I am searching for a new psychology to interface with the world.

Another thing that has come up a lot lately is how much I try to control life. There is a very subtle line between doing my part, and forcing the river. Between a state of being, and just checking out. My biggest struggle is my health. It’s a genetic condition, so I’m here to clear bloodlines. I usually “do” several things everyday to be sure I’m holding up my end. After the blessing of a broken toe forcing me to spend a month on the couch, my health is improving rapidly. I have been limited to meditation, books, and TV, and my body appreciates it. I recommend sitting still and consciously breathing whenever you can.

I can also say that any desire for self-harm is gone – alcohol left me a long time ago, but now even processed food and added sugar are uncomfortable. I now do better with under 20g of added sugar per day. Sugar occurring in whole food doesn’t seem to bother me (even beets and carrots). My body still likes occasional eggs and meat. That may go, too, as time passes. I have never been over-controlling of my diet; no fad diets. The only time I forced myself to eat according to a mental ideal (mental construct), it didn’t go well for me. I eat whatever my body wants.

I am also more aware of where my energy body is, in relation to my physical body. My energy tends to be in front or above my physical. I imagine this is due to forcing the flow of life (too far in front), and identifying more with my higher dimensions (too far above). Next time you meditate, see where your energy is. I spend a few moments each day bring myself back to myself.

I have also been noticing more glitches in the matrix. I’ve always been pretty observant, as a star seed trying to fit in with the humans, but this is different. It’s like the whole hologram is shifting. I see many more images out of the corner of my eye. I notice more synchronicity. Everything has a deeper meaning. I’ve even had physical objects change or disappear. It’s like the Mandela effect, only in the physical realm. It’s getting weird out there, and from me, that’s saying something.

I hope this information is of some value to you, at least to know you aren’t alone. Be willing to release everything. If the thought of release brings a twinge of fear, spend some time figuring out why you think you need that attachment. Usually, just focusing some thought on the issue let’s it dissolve. Change is really picking up speed. Be willing to welcome change.

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2 Responses to * Subtle Awareness *

  1. Val says:

    I feel the same way and appreciate your sharing. It assists me with relaxing into the flow and comforting in the realization we’re all shifting like particles of sand on the ocean floor. Thank You Natha Jay!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. NathaJay says:

    You are so welcome. Thanks for sharing this ride with me!


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