Wayshowers and Anchors – Apr 8 2021

“Sit. Your. Ass. Down.” My guides had been telling me this for days, when I finally dislocated (or broke) my toe, thus leaving me immobile for the last week. I was trying to do less, honestly. But this new energy is so alive! It’s just really tough to do nothing right now. Don’t worry – what needs to happen will happen, even if it takes a broken toe and ice packs.

Those of us anchoring the new frequencies are working silently in the background. Breathing consciously to embody the new codes, and release them into the human heart grid. The message I keep getting is this is a full-time job. This is my primary job. I do other things like write, teach, and counsel, but embodiment is the mission for me right now. My body is processing this new Light remarkably well, and that may be due to the fact I have been on the couch all week.

As we begin to transcend astrology, we are pulled by two forces – the physical world, and the future of humanity. Astrology is a mirror of the physical, and it is amazingly accurate for that space. Once you begin to leave the physical density and become more Light, Astrology doesn’t work as well. Will there be a new “Light-based” astrology? I sure hope so! All the planets have higher dimensions.

For me, this shift has meant all new physical habits. I eat less. I am adding lemon juice to my water, and drinking it like I’m dying of thirst. My dialog with my body is much more subtle, a whisper. Instead of supplements, my body prefers herbal tea. Sunlight gives me energy and joy. I have a heart connection to the land that wasn’t there before. I am changing in a fundamental way. 2021 is indeed the year of revelation and realignment.

Let change happen. My only suffering is when I try to hang on to an outdated construct. Don’t try to define yourself, others, or circumstances. In this 5 numerology year, let life move. Let the future breathe through you, carrying off anything outdated. We were built for this. Love and gratitude to you all.

A song for the times – The HU – Song of Women

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