Dreams of Singularity

I rarely share my dreams. In fact, I don’t really have normal dreams anymore. While my body sleeps, my mind is set free to do work in other dimensions – learning, teaching, general stuff. I usually retain some memory of events, but this was different. I was shown a small glimpse of our future, and it was so spectacular I’m still in shock. It is seriously hard to human today.

There have been others speculating about a singularity event coming up for humanity. Some think it will be a joining with AI. Some think it will be a total annihilation of Earth. I disagree with both. This dream allowed me to glimpse at what humans become after joining all their dimensions together. Imagine going from 3D to everything from 1D through 9D. I have spent my whole life communing with higher dimensions, and it was still overwhelming.

Overwhelming is an understatement. There aren’t even words for the experience, and hours after waking I still feel utterly not here. So many emotions, so many thoughts. When I woke, my first thought was to update my will. Not because I feel like I’m physically dying, but because I feel like the part of me who cares about a will is dying. It felt like the ego death of the void, but with an orgasmic and eternal bliss side. I was momentarily sad to leave my 3D life, but the pull of this new bliss state quickly took over.

When I woke, for the first time I could really appreciate the beauty of the natural world, the beauty of this mundane human life. After that, I was homesick for the first time in years. For me, homesick is longing for the higher dimensions, which I remember coming from. My thoughts and emotions are still discombobulated. I’m all over the place, but only spend a second on each one. It’s like spiritual ADD. Sitting here to write this blog is the most focus I’ve had all day, and focus usually isn’t an issue for me.

Physically, I feel new and raw. Everything is loud and bright. The air feels cold in my lungs. So cold. Like I am breathing for the first time. I am also very aware of the sternum area, right between the solar chakra and heart chakra. It feels delicate. I feel nauseous and dizzy. The ringing in my ears has softened to a more refined frequency. I don’t feel there is any reason to fear this ascension process, but it’s getting weird out there, folks. No matter what you feel, you aren’t alone.

I feel a bit better having written it out. I am only sharing it with you in case you also experience something overwhelming and indescribable. Be patient with yourself. Be gentle and kind. I plan to rest and integrate, as best I can. This is why we came. Your service is appreciated, and your invisible team is supporting you through it all, with so much love.

Please feel free to explore and share the writings on this site. It’s free (donations appreciated), and it may be helpful to someone you know. Larger topics are listed as pages on the top (not blog posts on the side).

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2 Responses to Dreams of Singularity

  1. Annette says:

    Hello Natha,
    I found your blog several weeks ago (your blog found me)! I just wanted to thank you for all you share as it’s resonating deeply with me.

    Walkinginbothworlds is a most perfect title, for indeed this is what we’re doing, and it definitely can feel strange/weird for sure!

    Lots of rest and integration has been ongoing at a very high level since March, and I too have had the personality meltdown. The water color you did captured it beautifully!

    Love and Light fellow Ascension Pioneer 💖

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    • NathaJay says:

      Hello! I am so glad you found the blog! I would like to think I am writing for all, but it seems to resonate only with our small group. That’s perfect! People who actually understand me! Thanks for making contact. Love & Light to you, as well!


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