* Becoming New *

We all feel the destruction of the old, and the beginning of the new, but it can be messy on a personal level. It’s obviously happening on the world stage. It sounds like a great idea in theory, but then there’s the human part. It can feel disorienting and overwhelming, at times. We are loosing the old ego identity, and forming an identity of the soul. The problem is, what does the new version look like?

We have no reference to what we have never experienced. We can’t move toward a new persona that we have never seen. Instead, what’s been helpful for me is to move away from the old parts of my personality that no longer fit. If I think or behave in an outdated way it just feels wrong. Then I make a mental note, “Guess that’s not part of me anymore.” I still have no idea who I’m becoming, but I am quite clear about who I’m not. Anything of my old life (personality traits, furniture, likes or dislikes) are all up for grabs. In other words, I’m not attached to them staying or leaving, but once I get a clear signal to release something, it’s gone.

Change happens, but the suffering is optional. Remaining attached to an outdated version of yourself is always painful. It feels heavy and sticky. Freedom is so very light. I think that has been one of my biggest epiphanies… life has always had some kind of struggle until now. Suddenly, it’s obvious the struggle is part of the illusion. The energy will now support a life of grace and ease, if we allow it.

This isn’t to say that this ego death is easy. For many, it will be quite the challenge to give up on an old persona. Try to be open to letting the old drift away. The suffering is in the hanging on. 2021 is doing it’s part in bringing us back to our soul path, and it isn’t waiting until it’s convenient. Ride this wave by releasing the old paradigm. Don’t attach or identify with any part of the past. Keep the lessons, but let yourself be rebuilt in your soul image.

Lower vibration relating seems to be getting hit pretty hard. Codependency, rescuing others, or dependence on anything (person, substance). Remember, on the other side of this shift is sovereignty, empowerment, and freedom. Inter-dependence is completely different than
co-dependence. Unity consciousness requires us to be personally accountable for own own energy in all situations, which requires us to be fully empowered. If anything is still someone else’s fault, expect that dynamic to get pretty exciting to force you to look at the deeper issues.

Many of the old archetypes were based on codependency, meaning they required another person to exist, especially for women. The most popular female archetypes are Wife and Mother. Yes, the male side of Husband and Father require other people, but there are so many other male options, like Warrior, King, or Laborer. I’m excited to see the new archetypes, and how they will show up in the collective. Point is, old relationship dynamics are no longer supported by archetypes.

How this looks for me is mostly questions. Does this new person like books? Does she like this furniture? How about food choices? Am I still sarcastic? Do I still like to write? I usually don’t get a gut feeling on most of my questions. When I do get a definite response, it’s always no. Question everything, to loosen your attachment to it. Even when I say things I’ve always said, some of them feel like a punch in the gut. I keep it light, and just know that particular knee-jerk response is a result of conditioning, and not useful for my next step.

You will know when you have to act on something. Right now, this is mostly a mental exercise. If the thought of releasing something brings feelings of fear or stress, ask yourself why. Bringing these issues to light might be all that’s needed. At least, at this point. It’s going to be an interesting six months of revelation and realignment. Flow with the tides of change. It’s really quite lovely, once you stop the struggle.

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