Transmuting the Collective

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I live in a magical location where the weather always flows with the collective energy. Today it is windy and cloudy, as is the forecast for tomorrow. The winds of change are buffeting the house, and moving the trees. Trees are such a perfect example for this time… deep roots keep them grounded as they sway gently, even in the strongest wind.

As we anchor this new energy in our bodies, it causes a detox process. The thing to remember is we are also detoxing the collective. Not individual humans, but the collective energy field, or astral plane (4D). A few days ago, I found myself thinking someone else’s thoughts. A friend told me she had someone else’s dream. Once you are aware of your own thoughts, emotions, and dreams, it’s clear when you run across something that doesn’t belong. It’s strange, but obvious. No, you aren’t finding new gunk in your subconscious you never knew existed, you’re just helping with the collective purge.

Well okay, if the same information keeps repeating for days, then be sure it isn’t yours. But for the first day or two just observe and let go, without attachment or judgement. Let yourself sway in the breeze, while staying rooted in love. The next couple months look pretty exciting (not in a fun way) on the world stage. This is what we came here for. Stay grounded, and let the world change around you.

Self-care is your super power. Stay away from social media, the news, and opinions, as much as possible. Feel reality from within. The top news story will change almost daily, so waste no time on thinking anything is as serious or permanent as it seems to be. The frequencies and codes coming in are truly beautiful, and they are rapidly dissolving the illusion. Many have built their lives on the illusion. For them, it looks like the world is ending. Be compassionate, but keep your distance. Our work is to anchor in the new, while releasing the old. Neutral witnessing. Let others have their own experience, while we stay focused on the mission of embodiment. We got this.

I feel so much excitement from the unseen realms. Everything is going even better than planned. Just relax into unity and love, and sway with the changing wind. We are transmuting the collective, and we are doing great!

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