Cue the Circus Music

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A couple nights before the lunar eclipse we just had (May 26, 2021) I was working all night in dreamtime. When I am “out and about” all night I usually remember at least bits and pieces of the information. I kept going from person to person, some known some not, and I was telling them not to worry, and teaching them how to hold the light. I woke up exhausted, and took most of the day to recover.

June is when we begin to see that 2020 was a very gentle warm-up for the real shifts coming our way. It will be all kinds of exciting, for those who have been preparing by doing their inner work. It will seem like the world is ending for those still attached to the illusion. Remember, 2021 is the year of revelation and realignment. Some people need to be shaken pretty hard to wake up. It really will be okay. Stay grounded and focused on the light. Spoiler alert: 2022 looks gentle and loving, like a year of aligning with love.

I saw a great video by Patricia Cota-Robles stating that each of us has the training to maintain our focus on the light, even during great chaos. This is so true. My personal tips on this time include turning off social media and the news, and reading “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle, as an Idiot’s Guide to holding the light. Presence is power, especially now. Presence and gratitude will get us through the rough patch.

It won’t actually be rough for the Wayshower crowd, and if you’re reading this, I’m talking to you. If your plans suddenly change, it is simply a redirection for your highest good. That is probably as rough as it will get for you personally. On the other side of that, we will get to see how attached we are to the illusion of control. This is when we learn to truly ride the wave that comes, instead of struggling to maintain the course we set on a mental level. Let your body lead you with its intuition. Let Gaia lead your plans with her changing weather. Let go of mental agendas. Stay grounded and focused on the light, and roll with it.

Watching others or the world stage is where it gets sticky. Remember, other people have their own path. No judgement. I can be a beacon of light only if I stay out of the mud. Compassion is knowing others are struggling, but respecting them enough not to try to rescue. If someone reaches out, then they’re ready for a change. Until asked, just be a witness to their unique journey.

This new light effects us all. Even the old ruling class, with their own agenda, will be shaken by the next few months. The thing is, it’s the ego that allows people to be entrenched in greed and power over others, and the ego is changing rapidly. Some of the coming events are manufactured, while some are out of human control. Don’t waste your energy trying to sort them out. It doesn’t matter. By the end of the year, everyone will be awakened to a new level of understanding. Just hold your focus on the light, as the headlines change.

My job now is to be as present and blissful as possible. We feed the human heart grid in this way. When I’m having a rough day, I can draw on that heart grid energy, and be comforted to know you, and millions of other lightworkers, are blissfully doing this work. When you are having a rough day, know that many are supporting you in this way. Together we rise into the future.

Be a compassionate witness to humanity’s evolution. It promises to be a great show, if you keep a little distance from the drama. Let others live their own path, while you stay focused on the new. Simply witnessing (without judgement of drama) lets us be the eyes and ears of the Divine. The Higher Levels get downloads from us, just like we get from them. They listen to the frequency we emit, both individually and collectively. We were made for these times. The shift is upon us.

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  1. Annette says:

    Thank you!! 💖

    Love and Light,


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