Time Out

I feel like I’ve been put in time out. Not for being bad, but more like a waiting period. I’m not enjoying it. I like moving ahead at full speed, which is the issue. In order to allow a more graceful mass awakening, we need to slow down a bit. This is where my guides always say, “It isn’t all about you.” Indeed, it isn’t.

The past week has been a roller coaster. One day I am floating in bliss, the next I’m not sure why I’m still alive because my work feels complete. It’s been every other day, like clockwork. Intermixed with exhaustion and confusion. I’m not sure what I want or need or why I’m even still here. Then I hit a bliss day, and spend the whole time focusing on grounding that vibration into my body and the human heart grid. Up and down. Again, not enjoying it.

The confusion about being here is part of the mass ego death taking place. The ego is what attaches us to the human world, it’s our interface. Being that every other day is spent in bliss, I would venture to guess our new interface is love. There’s a pretty big gap between attachment and love, thus the waiting period. If you are having a hard time feeling driven to do things (lack of passion), it’s just the dissolving ego attachment. You aren’t doing anything wrong, and it will shift.

On the bliss days, focus on gratitude and grounding. On the down days, just try to shift your focus out of yourself. I recently heard some music by Beautiful Chorus that really shifts my energy. Time in nature helps. Try a guided meditation like the one from Sandra Walters. Draw or color or do something creative. If all else fails, binge watch Downton Abbey. Avoid any guilt and negative self-talk. Take this time to rest, even if you have things to do. We are actively changing the human heart grid, so this discomfort is for a greater purpose.

We came for this. We are built for this. We are loved and supported. Thank you for your service!

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