Spiritual ADD

Image by John Hain from Pixabay

I have been trying to write a post for a week. I am normally focused, but not since the eclipse on June 10, 2021. After that, I had a week of emotional turmoil, followed by a week of total disconnect. I kept doing normal life things, but I felt more like I was watching a movie. And with that, I am having major focus issues. All I want to do is sit on the porch and watch the critters… birds and deer and squirrels.

This must be the bit where we move from head to heart. Not an easy shift for my inner Vulcan. Usually, I get the gist of these posts from higher dimensions, and they come through my brain. Or at least I can decipher them with my brain. Now, it feels like a huge disconnect from language. I just want to be.

The only visual I get for what’s next is making a bed. You know how, when you change the sheets, you throw the sheet up in the air so it comes down about the right place? That’s what I see. Like all of reality is being tossed around, in order to bring it right. I guess the good side is we get a freshly made reality when it’s done.

As for helpful tips, just try to keep your vibration high, and support the body. If you purify your body, and treat it as a temple, a beautiful relationship will blossom. The physical is doing all the heavy lifting in this ascension process. Give your body the rest and support it deserves.

As we shift from head to heart, the natural world is a grounding point. Your body, as part of the natural world, will guide you, if you ask. I imagine this unfocused fog is temporary. If not, it’ll be an interesting world… Either way, you aren’t alone, whatever the future energy brings.

Please feel free to explore and share the writings on this site. It’s free (donations appreciated), and it may be helpful to someone you know. Larger topics are listed as pages on the top (not blog posts on the side).

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6 Responses to Spiritual ADD

  1. gratzite says:

    I make a strong coffee with a bit of honey and a good splash of Bandy before going through emails deleting all political and virus elements . It is all nonsense, with a few voices ,”crying out in the wilderness”.
    Truth will eventually prevail, but I feel like I am a foreigner in my country and don’t like it anymore.

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    • NathaJay says:

      That’s a good way to put it, I’m a foreigner and I don’t like it. I still have bliss moments, even days, but I feel detached. I’ve spent my whole life striving, and now I can’t remember why. This too shall pass. So far, like a kidney stone, but still…


  2. NathaJay says:

    My soul always tells me to relax. Easier said than done.


  3. gratzite says:

    Trying to be detached, and at the same time contributing is not easy. The emailed channelings from Masters and galactic sources have ceased abruptly, I wonder why, I miss them.

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  4. NathaJay says:

    I miss them also. I haven’t had a clear message from my Guides (life-long friends) in months. I imagine embodiment means guidance becomes internal. But still, it’s quiet and lonely.


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