Forgiveness and Gratitude

Image by Alexas Fotos from Pixabay

As we step onto the next turn of this winding path, it is time to release even more of the old. It is easier to walk this journey without all the baggage. I get the distinct feeling we are well on our way to becoming something totally different. Different from what we were, different from what we expected to become. The ego-mind isn’t comfortable with the unknown, yet we can’t go back. Once you start down the water slide, you just have to accept the ride, and trust that you will land safely.

Trust in life is a slippery subject. What I have found is living in the present is essential. The practical side of presence is forgiveness and gratitude. Forgiving others is always a good practice, but forgiving yourself is where the gold is. Forgiving yourself naturally leads to gratitude, if only in no longer feeling your own punishment.

I highly recommend journaling a list of self-forgiveness. Some examples…
I forgive myself for the expectations I’ve had about myself / my life.
I forgive myself for judging myself / others.
I forgive myself for the arrogance of thinking I knew better than my life path.
I forgive myself for not appreciating / understanding my past while I was living it.
I forgive myself for judging my own choices.
I forgive myself for the times I lived purely out of survival.

See how deep you can go. As you forgive yourself, the fog clears and the path comes into focus. Forgive yourself, and also your life. See how different your body feels in this process. Your body is your ally in this wild ride. Treat it well, and it will guide you. It will love you and support you, just like your invisible team. After your forgive yourself, maybe try loving yourself… just like the Universe loves you.

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