November 2021

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

I don’t usually do monthly forecasts. Lately, timelines have been so fast and unpredictable that the future has been a blur. November feels different. The flavor of each new year doesn’t happen all at once starting on January 1st, but the new mixes in gradually, between the September Equinox and the March Equinox. November doesn’t feel quite as gradual. We have been prepped for this – remember that odd week from October 19th-25th? We are totally ready for the revelations coming our way.

2021 is the Year of Revelation & Realignment, and 2022 is where we reevaluate and recuperate. Overall, 2022 feels quite lovely, with lots of discernment about individual values. What’s important, really? It is the year we start to come together in Unity Conscious, as a planet. But to get there some of us need a loud wake-up call. Be compassionate. Many years ago, during contract negotiations, I was given some amazingly good advice – “If it feels good, don’t say it.” Loving silence may be the best we can do for those who have slept in a bit. They won’t miss this alarm, and the shock of the abrupt awakening may be jarring. Many will be entering 2022 in shocked silence.

This isn’t a one-time event, it will be a series of uncovered secrets. Just like the past two years we be collectively called “the pandemic”, the next two years will be called “the turning point”. The fall of Rome may be assigned a specific year in history, but there were many years of smaller events leading up to it. Same thing. Don’t miss witnessing this amazing time by waiting for a singular event. And spoiler alert – we are never going back to pre-pandemic life.

I do a lot of work clearing out 4D, the astral plane. This is where human thought forms are kept. The higher levels of 4D are quite nice, with angels and such. The lower levels of 4D look like a Quentin Tarantino movie – lots of ick. It also holds archetypes, and the Reptilian influence on humanity. I have been setting up ascension pillars there for years, so the energies can choose to leave and go somewhere nicer. For the past month, the Reptilians have been leaving in droves. The dark energy supporting many of our human power structures is now gone. Many of these constructs will now fall, and those that remain will need to be fundamentally rethought.

Keep this in mind as we move forward. Some of those “evil” people with agendas were being manipulated, as much as they were manipulating others. They are also waking up, to a whole new existence, without the foundation they built their lives on. I’m not justifying their behavior, just offering a viewpoint that may make compassion easier. By the end of December we will all have a deep appreciation for the Holiday Season and the warmth of friends and family, regardless of the role we played before.

While it is always a good time to reconsider your position on things, November 2021 will require it. Rethink your allegiance to money, patriotism, religion, responsibility, power, and politics. Consider how you are (or could be) a shining example of love, unity, accountability, honesty, prosperity, freedom, grace, and compassion. Rethink everything. Let every thing go, and see what you truly want to keep. Live on purpose.

This is what we came here for. This is the time of the Great Shift. Life is about to get much easier for those who have been preparing. Life is about to go sideways for those still sleeping. Keep your focus on the light, and help to steer us all to calmer waters. We were built for this.

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