The In-between

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I have been working with timelines since I was a child. I didn’t realize that’s what I was doing until decades later, it was just instinctual. I spent a lot of time in my thirties wondering why people made the choices they did. Didn’t they see where that choice was going? No, they didn’t “see”. I had a Sherlock Holmes ability to “see” what others never even noticed. Not anymore.

Both the scientific community and the intuitive community agree that the magnetosphere of Earth is weakening. This changes gravity, which changes memory. This magnetic change can be tracked by watching the movement of the poles. This is all science stuff, so you can always look it up if you’re interested. The only difference between the scientific outlook and the intuitive outlook is the end of the story. Science is planning on the end of the world, while spiritual-prone folk are celebrating the start of a new one.

Timelines are connected to gravity and the geomagnetic field. As the magnetosphere weakens, so do our memories (karma causers) and the ability to “see” any future. We are all being forced into the NOW moment, because that’s all that exists without the Earth’s magnetics holding linear time in place. For years I’ve said this is a matter of evolution, not subject to judgement of “good and bad”. Just by being here right now, we are all worthy of the next step. The choice is only to flow with it, or resist change. Here we are in 2022 just in time for this reset.

Next month I am teaching a class on the Merkaba, which includes a section on timelines and time travel. Most of that is no longer relevant. The current situation is more about saturating the quantum field, than choosing timelines. What I mean by that is sending out an intentional feeling into your personal field, and then letting life magnetize to that. No more control of the details. No more vision boards. No more distant goals. Just your own heart magnetizing your life. Much less work, once you get the hang of it.

This is the in-between space we find ourselves in. My life only gets difficult when I try to “make things happen” like I used to. Personal drive is out, personal dedication to your own energy is in. When I focus on shifting my energy to gratitude and appreciation, things just flow. My Higher Self has a much better idea of what I want anyway, so my job is to align my energy with that aspect of me. This is a full-time job.

I am definitely in the intuitive community celebrating the new… but I also know the old will fall. These changes in our magnetosphere (frequency) will cause the old paradigm to fall. As people clutch to the well-known ego ways (ego is based in memory, after all) life will get increasingly turbulent. Be kind, to yourself and others. 2022 is just warming up. For the easiest ride, spend time everyday connecting to gratitude. This is why we came here… we got this!

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    I think the magnetosphere is the veil, and it needs to go. We need to be free from this control, matrix. We are doing so. I think about that I want life on earth to be like.

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