Shifting Sands

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March has been crazy fast, and so changeable. I feel like reality fits what I was taught about Colorado weather: “Don’t like the weather? Give it 15 minutes.” I will hit a tough patch in my world, and literally lie down for an hour while it shifts. It used to be I could tell where the day was going when I woke up, but now it’s a whole different world every three hours, or less.

As a recovering control freak, my definition of hell used to be the shifting sands we currently stand on. Oddly, the current situation leaves me excited instead of freaked out. Things are definitely moving, and this is what I came for. Mission accomplished! Now I’m along for the ride like everyone else. Exhilarating!

I suppose I should say what you already know about current events – it’s fine, don’t get distracted. From a soul level, people agreed to play certain parts. From a soul level, each departure by physical death is timed before birth. Death isn’t the bad guy. Even the bad guy isn’t the bad guy. Everything is going even better than planned. The 5D Human Heart Grid is strong and firmly in place. The 3D matrix is no longer energetically supported, and is only being held together by a few egos. Those egos will buckle under the weight of the illusion. Soon.

The mastery of the moment is to go with the flow. When the energy is moving, move with it. When the energy slows down, slow with it. There are times when my mind is ready for action, but my body won’t do it. The body wins. I am only enjoying this adventure courtesy of my physical vessel. Our bodies are doing some major lifting as we shift to a crystalline structure. Be kind to yourself. Water and rest are more important than ever. You can engage the mind while you rest – imagine a world of freedom and abundance. Imagining a new world is an actual job now. Once again, daydreams pay off.

The personal ego is changing rapidly also. Between DNA becoming crystalline (cellular memory disruption) and the magnetic pole shift disturbing memory, we are all pretty removed from who we once were. This is the new normal. Let people change, including yourself. I have been creeping back to my natural essence since 2017, but now (March 2022) it’s leaps and bounds. I wonder who I’ll be next month… next week… 3 hours from now. What an amazing time to be alive!

If you are feeling amazing, ground that energy by consciously appreciating it. If you aren’t feeling amazing, feel it fully and check to see if anything is stuck in your psyche. Sometimes I need an attitude adjustment, sometimes I just need to love myself while it passes. Only you know what you need. Unless something is a real issue, it will pass quickly. It is self-knowledge and personal mastery to know what is going on inside yourself, and take the appropriate action.

This level of personal responsibility is the door to freedom. It’s the way we hack the matrix, and ascend happily ever after. I can hear the inter-dimensional cheering…

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